Infernal Dwarfs vs. Cursed Kings


Scenario: Encircle
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 5. joulukuuta 2017


- I would like to thank @Razon from 9th age forum for helping me to form this strategy how to win this particular battle. Lets see how far did it got me.


- 6 players

- Same lists

- Everybody plays against everyone once and most victory points scored during the entire tournament wins.


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Undying Dynasties 1.3.4

- Infernal Dwarfs 1.3.4

- 4000 point game

- Secondary objective: Breakthrough

- Proxies allowed

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion

Infernal Dwarfs

General: Zerath

  • Characters
  • O Infantry, Overlord
    General, Shield, Dragon Mantle, Onyx Hammer
    446 points
  • P Infantry, Prophet
    Wizard Master, Infernal Weapon, 3 Spell from Hardened Shield, Ring of Fire
    540 points
  • V Infantry, Vizier
    BSB, Flaming Standard, Infernal Weapon, Shield
    279 points
  • Core
  • CGwFA1 14 Infantry, Citatel Guard with Flintlock Axe
    446 points
  • CGwFA2 14 Infantry, Citatel Guard with Flintlock Axe
    446 points
  • H 20 Infantry, Hobgoblins
    150 points
  • Special
  • HWR1 5 Cavalry, Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
    130 points
  • HWR2 5 Cavalry, Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
    130 points
  • I 18 Infantry, Immortals
    Full Command, Shields, Banner of Discipline, Infernal Weapons
    515 points
  • IABD War Machine, Infernal Artillery Bound Demon
    Rocket Battery
    340 points
  • KI 5 Monsterous INfantry, Kadim Incarnates
    570 points
  • Total: 3992 points

Cursed Kings

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • DCH Infantry(character), Death Cult Hierarch
    Hierophant, 3 Spells from Evocation, Wizard Master, Ark of Ages, Book of Arcane Power
    730 points
  • CoP War Machine, Casket of Phatep
    200 points
  • Core
  • S 33 Infantry, Skeletons
    Full Command War Standard
    380 points
  • SA 20 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    Musician, Standard
    280 points
  • SC1 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariots
    290 points
  • SC2 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariot
    290 points
  • SS1 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Scouts
    130 points
  • Special
  • DS Monster, Dread Sphinx
    520 points
  • BS Monster, Battle Sphinx
    450 points
  • C War Machine, Catapult
    200 points
  • Entombed
  • SS2 3 Monsterous Beast, San Stalkers
    Underground Ambush
    360 points
  • SS3 Monsterous Beast, Sand Scroption
    170 points
  • Total: 4000 points



- I chose the table edge and I chose to be defender

- My opponent generated spells from alchemy for his prophet. ( 1, 3, 3->6 , 4) so he had Word of Iron, Silver Spike, Corruption of Tin and Glory of Gold)

- My spells as for this build was fixed for everything on Evocation and Truth of Time from cosmology

Deployment order was following, starting from my opponent:

- Wolf Riders (left)

- Chariots (left)

- Hobgoblins

- Chariot (right)

- Wolf Riders (right)

- Archers

- Flintlock (left)

- Warmachines + Dread Sphinx

- Flintlocks (right)

- Rest of the Undying Legion

- Then I used Skeleton scouts to decrease wolf riders vanguards.

I won the first turn roll with +4 modifier.

Turn 1 - Cursed Kings


- Really slight movements


- Ancestral Aids to Chariots 2 PD

- Caskets curse to Kadim Incarnates 5 PD -> Dispelled


- I focused on shooting wolf riders and hobgoblins

- Catapult hit Bound Demon and caused 3 wounds :D

Turn 1 - Infernal Dwarfs

MAGIC: 6+1 + PD

- Word of Iron to Flint locks 3 PD -> Chariots flammable

- Silver Spike to chartiots 3 PD -> dispelled


- Bound Demon missifred and its firing mechanism jammed for the rest of the game.

Turn 2 - Cursed Kings


- Sand Stalkers emerged, scorpion delayed

- Slight movement

MAGIC: 5+4

- Whispers of the Veil to Kadim Incarnates 3 PD

- Casket to Kadim Incarnates 3 PD -> Dispelled with 3 DD

- Touch of the Reaper to Overlord 3 PD -> Dispelled 2 DD


- Stalkers destroyed bound daemon.

- I failed to destroy wolf riders and perhaps did one wound to hob goblins.

Turn 2 - Infernal Dwarfs

MAGIC: 6+2 + PD + DD

Opponent chose not to dispel Whispers from Kadims

- Silver Spike 4 PD -> 4 DD dispel

- Word of Iron to Flint locks 3 PD

- Ring of Fire to somewhere? 3 PD -> Dispelled 3 DD


- One Chariot and 7 skeletons were destroyed


- Catapult survived charge

Turn 3 - Cursed Kings


- Scorpion was delayed

MAGIC: 3+1

My opponent chose not to dispel Whispers

- Casket to Kadim Incarnates 2 PD, no damage

- Touch of the Reaper to Overlord 2 PD, dispelled


- Stalkers killed few dwarfs and couple hobgoblins died. I failed to kill wolf riders


- Catapult was destroyed

Turn 3 - Infernal Dwarfs

NOTE: I noticed I that actually those flintlocks shot this turn and next turn they moved:


- Kadims charged Battle Sphinx and Immortals to Scouts

MAGIC 3+1 + DD

- Word of Iron to Kadims 4 PD, Dispelled 4 DD


- Perhaps could skeleton archers died?


- Kadim Incarnates scored 2 wounds on Sphinx and I scored 3. It ended up as draw

Turn 4 - Cursed Kings


- Dread Sphinx charged kadims flank

- Charitots charged wolf riders.

- Scorpion Emerged precisly when needed.

(I probably should have backup with chariots even more, but I think I complete forgot to do so)

MAGIC: 3+2

- Evocation of Souls to Battle Sphinx 3 PD <- Failed to Dispel

- Touch of the Reaper to Overlord 2 PD -> Caused 2 wounds!


- Kadim Scored one wound to Dread Sphinx and none to Battlesphinx. I scored something like 6 wounds and rest were destroyed due daemonic instablity. (On retrospective I prolly should have turned my dreadsphinx otherway around and turned battlesphinx to little different angle. My original though was that his flitlicks had something like 13 inch to my hierophant units flank and I though I would cover that flank with it.

Turn 4 - Infernal Dwarfs


- Flintlocks tried to charge chariots and failed

- Other flintlock charged chariots and succeeded

MAGIC: 5+3

- Glory of Gold to Flintlock on close combat 5 PD -> Dispelled on 5

- Word of Iron to Flintlocks 3 PD


- My opponents dwarfs caused exaclty 8 wounds combined with close combat + crumble.

Turn 5 - Cursed Kings


- Battlesphinx Charged Flintlocks flank

MAGIC: 3+2

- Hasten the Hour 4 PD (high roll) -> My opponent dispelled with 3 DD ( 6 6 6 :D ) (this would have caused his overlord to die)

- Evocation of Souls to Battle Dread Sphinx 1 PD succeeded.


- Stalkers shooting caused 4 wounds


- Battleshpinx broke and caught fllint locks.

Turn 5 - Infernal Dwarfs


- It doesn't show properly but my opponent managed to march right past Dread Sphinx charge arc due bad placement

MAGIC: 6+4

- Word of Iron to Immortals 3 PD

- Silver Spike to Chariots 5 PD -> Diseplled

- Something? prolly failed)

Turn 6 - Cursed Kings


- I tried to long charge with Dread Sphinx either to cause random terror panic or simply for the gicks. Rolled 11 and got it connected.

MAGIC: 3+2 + PD

- Casked 2 PD to Immortals no damage

- Hasten the Hour 4 PD, Failed to dispel Overlord died (on retrospective I should have target his unit instead of vizier and prophet as I had good channce of decimating them for extra points. But It wouldn't been enough in the end)


- Shooting against immortals caused 5 wounds and I failed to kill the wolf rider

Turn 6 - Infernal Dwarfs


- My opponent side stepped to get the secodnary objective. I don't have notes on the last magic but I think he probably tried to destroy chariots without any success

Final score was 2578 - 790 and my opponent won the secondary. Battlepoints were 12 - 8 for me.


- My opponent noticed one crucial rule error that I have played. For somereason I though that stalkers also ignore all to hit modifiers and they do not. I could have sworn without shadow of a doubt that I have read somewhere, in somebook or in someplace that stalkers ignore those to hit modifiers. PERHAPS some earlier version of Undying Dynasties armybook did have that kind of rule or.... perhaps because of 8th stalkers artillery dice style attack I simply assumed this. During this tournament only my first opponent Stumpel might got some harm due stalker performance due the fact that I would have hit with 3+ mostly (multishot) instead of 2+ which I used. Against Helkku (where I used stalkers simply to redirect his plague maddness) and against Klaffee where stalkers simply couldn't perform due elven initiative 5, it certainly didn't cause any unfair advantage. This certainly makes them little bit more interesting for example using those fast cavalry for covers can seriously hinder stalkers performance. But incase there was some previous 9th age edition where they indeed ignored shooting modifiers please let me know, because I truly think that I have read it somewhere :D

- This game was extremely hard for me to play because I anticipated different kind of outcome. I didn't really see anyother way than high avoidance to secure victory or keep my defeat at minimum . I also though about going highly offensive and try to destroy that immortal madness by focusing stalkers / Casket and hasten the hour to it. But I decided to use stalling / evasive way and first focus on Kadim Incarnates as they were really scary unit against my Hierophant. Then I focused on trying to snipe the Overlord (as he was obvious threath for my big monsters.) If I would have succeeded killing the Overlord sooner I would probably double monstered his immortals and simply hope that he doesn't get many sixes on to wound rolls.

- I really liked how my ambushers performed this game. My opponent felt really disbeliefed when during turn 2 and 3 I said before rolling that well, I don't need to scorpion yet and "failed" the 3+ roll. Then when I needed it it came right then and didn't scatter too much and did really important job in the game. Also stalkers naturally performed highly on this game by finishing catapults with bound demon, flintlocks and immortals.

- ON deployment I probably would change position of my archer unit to the hill. My original idea was to use them to destroy hobgoblin archers, but they failed miserably. In the middle they would have better role for destroying those wolf riders and could be used in later game redirection duty for immortals. Luckily that arrow battle between skeleton archers and hobgoblins ended up as draw for both sides.

- I though about could I have scored secondary objective with Chariots IF I would have charged them to the flintlocks, overran -> subsequently moved and used danse macabree to push them to my opponent side. They had 6 wounds left and they might have ended up giving more points to the flint locks so they woudldn't be broken. Naturally casting spell like evocation / spectral blades etc. Might have turned the wheel but using hasten to the immortal unit and to kill the overlord seemed more pressing issue for me. Additionally He could have march with hobgoblins to secure the secondary object anyway. But in theory that would have been nice tactical movement.

- I have to admit that eventhough I won I really don't know if I liked this victory. I think it was too gamey for my decision and lead to overall unfun game, especially for my opponent. However this was a tournament game so well... there is only one way to say it WAAC!!!!!!

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