Vermin Swarm vs. Cursed Kings


Scenario: Counterthrust
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 18. marraskuuta 2017

NOTE: I don't know what a hell red square came to the middle of the board. I couln't take it away by anymeans... But if nothing else it will roughly serve as secondary object marker :D:D


- 6 players

- Same lists

- Everybody plays against everyone once and most victory points scored during the entire tournament wins.


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Undying Dynasties 1.3.4

- Verrmin Swarm 1.3.4

- 4000 point game

- Secondary objective: Hold the Ground

- Proxies allowed

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion

Vermin Swarm

General: Helkku

  • Characters
  • T Infantry (character), Tyrant
    Heavy Armour, Blade of Swarm, Dark Shard Brew, Verming Guard Litter
    331 points
  • C Infantry (character), Chief
    Heavy Armour, Paired and tail weapon, BSB banner of speed
    228 points
  • PP Chariot (Character), Plague Prophet
    Pendulum, Cauldron of Blights, Dark Shards, Plague Flail
    800 points
  • Core
  • PB 30 Infantry, Plague Brotherhood
    Full Command
    430 points
  • RaA1 26 Infantry, Rats-at-Arms
    Full Command, Spears
    306 points
  • RaA2 28 Infantry, Rats-at-Arms
    Full Command, Spears
    328 points
  • Special
  • GR 10 Infantry, Giant Rats
    80 points
  • MG Infantry, Meat Grinder
    140 points
  • VH 5 Monsterous Infantry, Vermin Hulks
    390 points
  • Tunnel Gunners
  • D Chariot, Dreadmill
    250 points
  • RG Infantry, Rotary Gun
    150 points
  • NT Infantry, Naptha Thrower
    140 points
  • J 6 Infantry, Jezails
    255 points
  • PC Warmachine, Plague Catapult
    170 points
  • Total: 3998 points

Cursed Kings

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • DCH Infantry(character), Death Cult Hierarch
    Hierophant, 3 Spells from Evocation, Wizard Master, Ark of Ages, Book of Arcane Power
    730 points
  • CoP War Machine, Casket of Phatep
    200 points
  • Core
  • S 33 Infantry, Skeletons
    Full Command War Standard
    380 points
  • SA 20 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    Musician, Standard
    280 points
  • SC1 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariots
    290 points
  • SC2 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariot
    290 points
  • SS1 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Scouts
    130 points
  • Special
  • DS Monster, Dread Sphinx
    520 points
  • BS Monster, Battle Sphinx
    450 points
  • C War Machine, Catapult
    200 points
  • Entombed
  • SS2 3 Monsterous Beast, San Stalkers
    Underground Ambush
    360 points
  • SS3 Monsterous Beast, Sand Scroption
    170 points
  • Total: 4000 points



- I won the table edge and first drop choice.

DEPLOYMENT ORDER was following

- Dread Sphinx

- Rats at Arm (left)

- Chariot (right)

- Giant Rats

- Chariots (left)

- Rats at Arm (right)

- Warsphinx

- War Machines (vermin)

- Skeletons

- Jezzails

- Archers

- Dread Mill

- War Machines (undead)

- Vermin Hulks

- Characters

- Rest of the vermin swarm


I got +4 to start roll and won the first turn as expected.

Turn 1 - Cursed Kings


- I backup, scouts went to maximum charge range for plague brotherhood for offchance frenzy fail.

MAGIC: 4+4

- Whispers of the Veil to Rats at Arms with Tyrant (exactly 27 inch away) 3 PD

- Touch of the Reaper 3 PD to Tyrant ->4dd pelled

- Phatep's Curse to Dread Mill 2 PD, no damage


- Catapult Jammed (tried to shoot generals rats at arms with panic shot)

Turn 1 - Vermin Swarm

MAGIC: 5+2

- Break the Spirits to chariots 3 PD, natural failure


- Rotary gun did one wound to chariots

- Jezzail did one wound to chariots and one wound to them selves

- Catapult hit on skeletons

- Dreadmill missfired and exploded


- Dreadmill missfortune was indeed really important for me.

Turn 2 - Cursed Kings


- Scoprion Emerged

MAGIC: 2+2 + PD

- Evocation of Souls 1 PD -> dispelled

- Touch of the Reaper to Tyrant 2 PD -> passed did 1 wound

- "casket" (I complete rushed towards shooting at this turn and when I realized during my shooting that I complete forgot to cast casket we came to conclusion that it was poorly played and I didn't cast it. BUT I had to roll it regardless and I would have casted it to jezzails this turn and it would have killed 2 of them and caused them to panic off board...)


- Chariots and Ark of Ages shot rotary gun. Ark of Ages expert marskmen killed it.

- Archers killed one jezzail.


- As expected giant rats were destroyd by chariots.

Turn 2 - Vermin Swarm


- Meat Grinder Rats at arms had 18 to my mage bunker and my opponent decided to try it, but failed

- Plague Brotherhood charged scorpion


- Dispelled Whispers of the Veil


- I think my opponent failed this shooting again, perhaps jezzail did another wound on them selves and catapult missed.

Turn 3 - Cursed Kings


- Dreadpshinx charged Tyrant unit

- Battle Sphinx charged bsb unit

- Chariots charged Bsb unit

Sadly I failed my charge roll with battlesphinx but connected with chariots

MAGIC: 5+2 + DD

- Evocation of Souls 2 PD healed 6 skeletons + chariot

- Whispers of the Veil to Tyrant unit 2 PD -> 4 DD dispel

- Spectral Blades to Dread Sphinx 1 PD

- Ancestral Aid to Dread sphinx 1 PD -> fail

- Phateps Curse to Jezzails 1 PD, dispelled 2 DD


- Funnylli y enough I couldn't shoot anything because that plague pendelum prettymuch blocked my line of sight with catapult comptelety

- Archers shot Jezzails wounded and paniced them off board

- Chariots did one wound to naptha thrower


- Sphinx suffered no wounds and killed Tyrant. I lost the combat by one if my memory serves me right so no damage due necro aura + construct

- Chariot combat.... I did total 9 wounds with impact hits, my opponents meat grinder managed to score only 1 wound and rest of his forces did 7 wounds. I managed to kill the meatgrinder with skeleton charioteers + mounts attacks we ended up in draw! Chariot surivved with one wound :D:D:D

Turn 3 - Vermin Swarm


- My opponent failed charge with Vermin Hulks to Battle Sphinx. After the battle I noticed that they had swiftride but my opponent never rolled extra die.

MAGIC: 6 + 5

- Break the Spirits to Sphinx 4 PD -> 3 DD

- Savage Fury to Vermin Hulks 3 PD

- Awaken the Beast to Vermin Hulks 4 PD -> 3 DD dispel


- Dread Sphinx didn't suffer wounds and grinded his ways, but he was still barely steadfast and held

- Chariot was destroyed

Turn 4 - Cursed Kings


- I charged with Skeletons and Battlesphinx to Rats at Arms. Due terror they fled and rolled double 6. I redirected Sphinx to Vermin Hulks and skeletons to other rats at arms

- I bounced them with scouts again allready fleeing rats ( they were JUST too far away to be used as redirection for plague brotherhoods / hulks)

- Sand Stalkers finally emerged and took redirection sacrifice duty

MAGIC: 6+5

- Spectral Blades to Battle Sphinx 3 PD -> 4 DD failure

- Ancestral Aid to Battle Sphinx 2 PD

- Whispers of the Veil to Vermin Hulks 3 PD

- Phateps Curse 3 PD ( I think we actually didnt roll for the damage to catapult for the reason stated below)

TECHNICALLY my opponent decided to yield at this point. We decided that instead of doing the shooting at this moment we would fight the Vermin Hulk fight for the off chance he would destroyed the Sphinx (if that would happened then we would still do the shooting etc) But my Sphinx received only 1 wound from frenzied hulks and with rerolls to hit + to wound it was pretty bloody fight and they broke and were destroyed. It would be most likely that I would have managed to do the final wound on the naphta thrower with. I probably would have managed to destroy his catapult, those rats at arms would definately be overran with sphinx + skeletons.

My opponent wouldn't reasonably be able to gather anymore points with brotherhood than stalkers and perhaps casket . I most likely got secondary object and would have enough time to make sure my sphinxes nor skeleton bunker wouldn't be threathened by the plague priests mayhem unit.

So this game ended up 19 - 1 victory for me

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