Orcs & Goblins vs. Cursed Kings


Scenario: Refused Flank
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 19. heinäkuuta 2017


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Undying Dynasties 1.3.4

- Orcs & Goblins 1.3.4

- 4000 point game

- Secondary objective: Secure Target

- Proxies allowed

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion

Orcs & Goblins

General: Mantsa

  • Characters
  • LoS1 Infantry, Lord of Sneaking
    Green Tide, General, Heavy Armor, Shield, King, razor blade, Cave Goblin
    166 points
  • LoS2 Infantry, Lord of Sneaking
    Cave Goblin, Chief, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield
    120 points
  • GWD Infantry, Goblin Witch Doctor
    Wizard master 4 x spell from Witchcraft, Cave Hoblin
    400 points
  • LoF Infantry, Lord of Fighting
    Iron Orc, Chief, Warboar, Dragon Scale Helm, Sword of Str
    280 points
  • Core
  • CG 59 Infantry, Cave Goblins
    Full Command, 3 x mad gits, Spears and Shields
    762 points
  • GR 10 Cavalry, Goblin Raiders
    Full Command, Shields, Light Lance
    320 points
  • Special
  • ME 14 Cavalry, Mounted Eadbashers
    Full Command, Ironhide Icon
    736 points
  • SW Chariot, Scrap Wagon
    90 points
  • GL1 War Machine, Git Launcher
    180 points
  • GL2 War Machine, Git Launcher
    180 points
  • GWT1 Monsterous Beast, Gnashers Wrecking Team
    140 points
  • GWT2 Monsterous Beast, Gnashers Wrecking Team
    140 points
  • G Monster, Gargantula
    480 points
  • MG1 Mad Git
  • MG2 Mad Git
  • MG3 Mad Git
  • Total: 3994 points

Cursed Kings

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • DCH Chariot(character), Death Cult Hierarch
    Hierophant, General, Book of Arcane Power, Skull Splitter, Ark of Ages, Master Wizard 4 spells
    795 points
  • TA Chariot(character), Tomb Architect
    Paired Weapon, Amuut
    236 points
  • CoP War Machine, Casket of Phatep
    200 points
  • Core
  • S 39 Infantry, Skeletons
    Full Command
    410 points
  • SC 20 Cavalry, Skeleton Cavalry
    Full Command, Banner of Speed
    598 points
  • Mason's Menagerie
  • BS Monster, Battle Sphinx
    450 points
  • Special
  • C War Machine, Catapult
    200 points
  • TC 5 Monsterous Cavalry, Tomb Cataphracts
    Full Command, War Standard
    640 points
  • GV 3 War Beast, Great Vultures
    160 points
  • Entombed
  • SS1 Monsterous Beast, Sand Scroption
    170 points
  • SS2 2 Swarm, Scarab Swarm
    140 points
  • Total: 3999 points



- I chose the table edge and we placed secure markers on table.

- My opponents Master wizard generated 4 spells from Witchcraft ( 1 , 2 , 5 , 6 ) He got Deceptive Glamour, Raven's Wings, Bewitched Glare and The Wheel Turns

- I got all spells from Evocation + one from cosmology

DEPLOYMENT ORDER was following

- Scrap Wagon

- Skeleton Warriors

- Rest of the Orc & Goblin forces

My opponent did small vanguard with wolf riders forward, I chose not to vanguard with cavalry. Naturally my opponent won the first turn.

Turn 1 - Orcs & Goblins

MAGIC: 6+5

- Bewitching Glare to Amuut 4 PD -> 3 DD dispel

- Raven's Wings to Gnasher 4 PD -> 3 DD failure (we werent absolutely sure can you use the magical move to get strikes and we decided during the game that he can move them but not use them for damage as compromise. after the battle I checked up the rules and 9th age forum and it turns out to be that they cannot use magical move due random movement rule... Personally I think this is little bit odd ruling, but lets go with it)


- 1 Wound to Amuuts.

Turn 1 - Cursed Kings


- I couldn't resist to attemp long range charge with Cates, I needed 10 and of course I rolled it :D

- Vultures Charges Scrap Wagon

MAGIC: 6+5

- Spectral Blades to Amuut 2 PD -> 3 DD dispel

- Whispers of the Veil to Orc Eadbashers 3 PD ( OF ) -> 1 skeleton died in miscast

- Ancestral aid to Amuut 2 PD -> passed

- Casket on Gnashers 2 PD -> passed and destroyed


- 1 Wound to git launcher from Ark of Ages + Skullsplitter hierophant

- Catapult missfired and was destroyed


- My champion challenged his boss and his boss complete botched his attacks. I killed total 3 eadbashers and they broke. I tried to chase them but failed. I had hard time decideding wether go for reform or pursuit. I was confident that those Goblins couldn't destroye my unit in one turn even on magnificent rear charge and next turn I would get charges.

Turn 2 - Orcs & Goblins


- Goblin Riders and Gargantula tried to charge Cavalry. Riders managed to charge Gargantula failed

- Cave Goblins charged catephracts rear

- Gnasher went past skeleton warriors and killed some of them.

- Eadbashers rallied.

MAGIC: 6+5

- Dispelled whispers on Eadbashers

- Wheel of turns to Amuuts 4 PD -> Natural Failure (apparently dice gods hates when you have too many unpainted figures :D )


- Git launcher did some wounds on skeleton warriors and other missed vultures.


- My opponent killed total 8 (including crumble) cavalry with goblin rider charge

- On Cave Goblin fight Amuut were netted. I did something like... 8? wounds on goblins, he did nicely do and end up so that I got only 2 wounds left on my catephract champion. Those pointy sticks that takes away armor and regeneration.. Outch!

Turn 2 - Cursed Kings


- Battlesphinx charged to flank and Skeleton Block to the front

MAGIC: 6+4

- Whispers of the Veil to Cave Goblins 3 PD -> 4 DD dispel

- Evocation of souls aura 3 PD -> Healed total 3 wounds to cates and 6 wounds to skeletons.

- Spectral Blades to Sphinx 2 PD

- Ancestral Aid to Sphinx 2 PD -> 2 DD dispel failure


- Vultures destroyed git laucher

- Cavalry managed to break goblin riders and stopped on swarms.

- I did total of something like 20 wounds on the goblin unit, he did 3 wounds on the cates and some random wounds to skeletons. I broke them but failed to catch them. additionally git launcher paniced

Turn 3 - Orcs & Goblins


- Eadbasher failed to charge Amuuts rear

MAGIC: 4+3 + PD

- Bewitching Glare to Sphinx 4 PD -> Dispelled on 4 DD

- Upgraded Raven Wings to Gargantula 4 PD ( OF ) -> 12 goblins lost their life and wizard lost 2 wounds


- Mad gits moved ( they went past skeleton warriors and Amuuts) they killed the remaining champion and wounded arcitecht (to my best luck they didn't do that much damage) they also killed some random skeleton warriors.

Turn 3 - Cursed Kings


- Sphinx and Skeletons charged cave goblins

- Vultures charged Git Launcher

- Sand Scorpion was delayed again.

MAGIC: 6+5

- Ancestral Aid to Sphinx 3 PD -> Failed to dispel on 3DD

- Spectral Blades to Sphinx 2 PD -> dispelled on 3 DD ( with army)

- Whispers of the Veil to Gargantula 3 PD

- Evocation of Souls 1 PD -> Nat fail

- Casket on Gargantula 2 PD -> First I caused 5 wounds, but he used BSB reroll and then it caused only 1 wound.


- Hierophant challenged and his BSB took it (because his general had 2 wounds allreay from cate fight). My heroic Hierophant and his elite guards maimed the BSB to his untimely death. Sphinx killed so many goblins that during thunder stomps he was cut out from combat. Goblins broke and Skeleton Warriors caught them Sphinx Reformed

- Vultures failed to kill and subsequently break the Git Launcher

Turn 4 - Orcs & Goblins


- Gargantula charged sphinx

- Mad git hit another one and all rest random movement dudes went wrong way

MAGIC: My opponent dispelled Whispers on Gargantula


- No poisons and only one wound due attacks to sphinx, sphinx managed to score 3 wounds won the combat and broke gargantula.

My opponent yielded at this point.


- First of all it was nice to get Mantsa finally to play 9th with me. Now I have played 2 games agains O&G and I have to say that I think that army is missing it core of random. Without animocity they seem to be much pooring army. To be honest I think animocitys penalty in 8th especially the one where two units are unable to do anything is REALLY harsh, but if that could be redesigned to something what would increase the fun. Perhaps half good/bad effects but no complete cripling effects.

- I bough architect to give amuuts (or sphinx) 5+ regeneration. In this game I probably saved only one wound with regeneration and the model it self was really underwhelming. On the other hand it is very cheap character. I think I should have gone BSB harbringer instead or go with foot architech on skeleton unit and simply add another amuut rider on the unit.

- Amuut riders also gives me mixed feelings, I probably am using them incorrectly but they don't seem to be the power that I am looking for. Next time I probably go with underground assault small units for nice rear mayhem.

- Book of Arcane Power + Casket was really powerful combination. I was able to very easily dispel my opponents spells for he had only +1 modifier against my +3. additionally it forced my opponent pretty much roll one extra dice for each spell and it increased Overhelming Force chances and effect which was nice.

- Hopefully we get another game soon enough.

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