Infernal Dwarfs vs. Cursed Kings


Scenario: Frontline Clash
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 13. heinäkuuta 2017


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Undying Dynasties 1.3.4

- Infernal Dwarfs 1.3.4

- 3000 point game

- Secondary objective: Breakthrough

- Proxies allowed

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion


- My opponent had brand new army and he didn't want to tell me what it is, because he felt I would tailor my list specifically to fight the dwarfs. Thus my list was done in generic manner. But ultimately I don't know if I would have changed my list, perhaps I would have taken normal skeleton block for hierophant instead of archers, but that is pretty much it.

Infernal Dwarfs

General: Zerath

  • Characters
  • O Infantry, Overlord
    General, Shield, Dragon Mantle, Onyx Hammer, Potion of Swiftness, Sprout of Rebirth
    536 points
  • P Infantry, Prophet
    Engineer, Wizard Master, Infernal Weapon, 3 Spell from Alchemy, Book of Arcane Power
    600 points
  • Core
  • CGwFA1 10 Infantry, Citatel Guard with Flintlock Axe
    310 points
  • CGwFA2 10 Infantry, Citatel Guard with Flintlock Axe
    310 points
  • H 20 Infantry, Hobgoblins
    Bow, Musician
    170 points
  • Special
  • HWR 5 Cavalry, Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
    Shields, Light Lance, Musician
    170 points
  • I 20 Infantry, Immortals
    Full Command, Shields
    540 points
  • HBT1 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
    90 points
  • HBT2 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
    90 points
  • VC War Machine, Volcano Cannon
    160 points
  • Total: 2976 points

Cursed Kings

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • DCH Infantry(character), Death Cult Hierarch
    Hierophant, 2 Spells from Evocation, Wizard Master, Skull Splitter
    345 points
  • Core
  • SA1 20 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    260 points
  • SA2 10 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    120 points
  • SC 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariots
    290 points
  • SS1 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Scouts
    130 points
  • Special
  • BS Monster, Battle Sphinx
    450 points
  • TC 4 Monsterous Cavalry, Tomb Catephracts
    Full Command + War Standard
    530 points
  • C War Machine, Catapult
    200 points
  • Entombed
  • SS2 3 Monsterous Beast, Sand Stalker
    Underground Assault
    360 points
  • SS3 2 Swarm, Scarab Swarm
    140 points
  • SS4 Monsterous Beast, Sand Scroption
    170 points
  • Total: 2995 points



- My opponent chose table edge

- His prophet generated 4 spells from Alchemi ( 6 -> 0, 4 , 3 , 3 -> 2 ) So he had Quicksilver Lash, Molten Copper, Silver Spike and corruption of Tin

- My hierophant generated 2 spells from evocation ( 2 , 3 ) so he had Evocation of Souls, Ancestral Aid and Danse Macabre

Deployment order was following:

- 20 skeleton archers

- All dwarfs

- Rest of UD

- Skeleton Scouts deployed in the forest, my opponent rolled vanguards first and I second and backup.


- I complete failed to deploy my catapult. I simply forgot that due technical line of sight they cannot see pretty much anything other than bolthrowers on hills... I originally deployed it to that end to be away from the wolf riders.

Turn 1 - Infernal Dwarfs


- He marched onwords


- Quicksilver Lash on Battlesphinx 2 PD dispelled on 3dd

- Molten Copper on Skeleton Archers 2 PD killed few of them.


- Cateprachts got one wound on bolt thrower.

Turn 1 - Cursed Kings

MAGIC: 6+2

- Danse Macabre on Archers 3 PD, 3 DD failure

- Evocation of souls on Archers 3PD succesfull


- Combined shooting from chariots and archers caused 3 wounds on bolt thrower.

- Catapult missed bolt thrower (as said I couldn't target any other targers due chariots and mons cav)

- Skull splitter hierophant killed 1 immortal!

Turn 2 - Infernal Dwarfs

MAGIC: 4+2

- Silver Spike on Catephracts 3 PD -> 4 DD dispel

- Corruption of Tin on Catephracts 3 PD


- Catahpharts suffered couple wounds, sphnx suffered 1 wound and scouts 2.

Turn 2 - Cursed Kings


- Cataphract and Sphinx charged flintlock axe guards

- Scorpion emerged and moved to redirect immortals

- Sand scorpions emmerged

MAGIC: 2+4

- Evocation of Souls to cates 2 PD, dispelled

- Ancestal aid to cates 2 PD succesfull


- archers destroyed bolt thrower

- Stalkers caused 3 wounds on volcan cannon.

- Catapult missfired and cannot shoot next turn.


- On cates I made a horrible mistake and for some god ugly reason I just though that yes I casted Righteous Smiting on the unit THUS I did extra attacks on the riders and amuuts. Instead of rerolls. Well it most likely didn't made much difference but old habits on 8th die hard :D Cates broke the dwarfs and caught them. Hobgoblins paniced.


- Now I should have been more carefull with the stalker placement so that those wolf riders wouldn't got flank charge. During the battle I simply failed to notice them.

- Sphinx easily destroyed the dwarwes and overan almost to the warmachine.

Turn 3 - Infernal Dwarfs


- No DT for wolves

MAGIC: 4+1

- Corruption of tin to Cates 2 PD

- ( I don't have notes but mostlike some damage spell that I dispelled)


- Cates got heavy bounding but was still standing


- Overlord easily destroyed scorpion

- Wolf Riders did 3 wounds and won the combat by 5

Turn 3 - Cursed Kings


- Sphinx charged warmachine


- Dance Macabre on archers 2 PD -> Dispelled

- Evocation of Souls on archers 2 PD -> Dispelled

- Ancestral Aid upgrade on archers 2PD -> failed to dispel


- No effect on shooting, those dwarfs and their armor :D


- Sphinx destroyed volcan cannon and overran to wolfriders, which it complete wiped out.


- I think on retrospective I should have used more dices on dance Macabree as I would have got in range to heal.

Turn 4 - Infernal Dwarfs


- Immortals reformed


- Quicksilver Lash on Sphinx 3 PD -> My opponent rolled triple ones thus lost focus and magic ended.


- Bolthrower killed remaining cate.

Turn 4 - Cursed Kings


- Full charge, chariots failed.

MAGIC: 4+3

- Ancestral Aid to War Sphinx 4 PD -> Failed to dispel

- Evocation aura 3 PD -> used extra healing to heal stalkers.


- Horse Archers valiantly destroyed bolt thrower

- Immortal combat. Overlord pretty much maimed my stalkers and swarms. I ended up losing the battle by 6, thus my sphinx died. Swarms survived only with 1 wound thus not allowing him to reform yet.


- Now I really though about this combat ALOT after the game. First of all I didn't realize that those immortals are so bad ass as they are. It really hurt me that my breath weapons and stomps str was halved, (and even without halved breath weapon they would had 4+ save and 5+ ward).

- I realized two crucial things here. His overlord maimed those stalkers badly and as I healed them by 3 he got 3 extra combat resolution "free" in this battle. Secondly I charged with swarms, that only gave me 1 combat resolution with flank and my opponent scored 3 wounds on swarms. -> Thus I actually lost the combat by 6 which. If I WOULDN't charge swarms or healed with aura effect (only would heal my archers to full health and sphinx with hierophant ability) I would lost the combat by 1 (well don't know if he would scored wounds on my sphinx with prophet and support attack) but significantly less.

- Chargin with those archers on back was positive effect as they gave static resolution of +3 from rear +3 from ranks and negataed his rank bonus (which would have been 2) so effective +8 combt res, and he scored only 4 wounds on back.

- I wanted to charge with stalkers to close combat so that I would block his overlord from hitting my sphinx, but in this current fight he would still only wounded them by 6 so perhaps that was bad idea all together to charge the stalkers there.

- The thing that he complete failed his magic and couldn't make my unit flammable also made me want to do this pancake as it was like NOW or ever.

- sadly even if the chariots would have connected their impact hits would have been on str 2 and they would have thousand str 4 str 3 attacks on there that it wouldn't mostlikely caused that much mayhem on the fight.

After the battle I tried to think solid way to fight those immortals boosted with that +1 as 4+reg 5+ fire ward monstrocity and those immortals and I fail to find anything that could REALLY fight them off. So technically only redirect, redirect, speedpump and waste those points spent on cheap stuff.

Turn 5 - Infernal Dwarfs


( I don't have any notes, perhaps my opponent decided not to cast any to avoid miscast, it was allready way past midnight when we played so my memory isn't the best)


- surprise I lost the combat and he reformed to phase my archers.

Turn 5 - Cursed Kings

MAGIC ( I don't have notes again)

- I casted 5PD danse macabre on chariots it was OF and suffered only couple wounds on archers. ( I really hoped that my whole unit would be destroyed in that plast so he couldn't reform :D)


- If that came as surprise those archers were destroyed

As result of Hierophants death scouts were destroyed and chariots received couple wounds. I actually complete forgot my catapult that it was still in the game but after the battle I rolled what would have happened and it got 2 wounds here :D

Turn 6 - Infernal Dwarfs

Immortals failed to charge chariots and he did some wounds with magic on both archers and chariots.

Turn 6 - Cursed Kings

My archer was left with 5 dudes and my chariot was left with 1 wound. After the game I rolled for catapult and it would have been destroyed. ( I actually wanted to try out IF I would have caused panic on the immortals on last turn shooting and funnily enough in my test shot I manaed to score single wound and immortals passed panic test on roll of 8 :D)

Game ended , I scored secondary objective but it wasn't enough to win the battle. My opponent won the battle by 12 - 8 he had too much points invested in immortal unit.


- This was really fun game with lots of ups and downs. Especially for my opponent he felt really devasted when I destroyed his other dwarfs and failed magic before the combined charge. This was first ever game against chaos dwarfs (on warhammer fantasy battle) or infernal dwafs. whatever and to be quite frankly I haven't played against normal dwarfs many times. I complete underestimated those immortals. They were badasses.

- Hopefully we get rematch soon enough, I would definately play differently next time and if anything else my opponent said that he is going to have more dwarfs soon enough so we can play bigger game. My opponent has fanatic mind that all models must be painted and no proxies, so it is good to not be stuck on this 3k.

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