Orcs & Goblins vs. Cursed Kings


Scenario: Frontline Clash
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 4. heinäkuuta 2017


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Undying Dynasties 1.3.4

- Orcs & Goblins 1.3.4

- 4000 point game

- Secondary objective: Breakthrough

- Proxies allowed

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion

Orcs & Goblins

General: Merc

  • Characters
  • W Monsterous cavalry, Warchief
    General, Wyvern, Axe of the Apocalypse, Plates of Tuktek, Iron Orc, SHield, Waargh!, Warlord
    750 points
  • GWD Infantry, Goblin Witch Doctor
    Master wizards 2 additinal spells from pyromancy
    350 points
  • Core
  • O1 30 Infantry, Orcs
    Full Command, Bows, Paired Weapons, Shields
    450 points
  • O2 30 Infantry, Orcs
    Full Command, Paired Weapons
    390 points
  • CG 30 Infantry, Cave Goblins
    Full Command, 2 x mad gits, Spears and Shields
    370 points
  • GR 10 Cavalry, Goblin Raiders
    Full Command, Shields, Light Lance
    320 points
  • Special
  • IO 20 Infantry, Iron Orcs
    Full Command
    520 points
  • OBC Chariot, Orc Boar Chariot
    170 points
  • T 6 Monsterous Infantry, Trolls
    460 points
  • S War Machine, Splatterer
    Orc Overseer
    200 points
  • Total: 3980 points

Cursed Kings

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • DCH Chariot(character), Death Cult Hierarch
    Hierophant, General, Book of Arcane Power, Ark of Ages, Soul Conduit, Master Wizard 4 spells
    730 points
  • Core
  • S 43 Infantry, Skeletons
    Full Command War banner
    480 points
  • SC1 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariots
    290 points
  • SC2 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariot
    290 points
  • SA1 15 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    200 points
  • SA2 10 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    120 points
  • SS1 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Scouts
    130 points
  • Mason's Menagerie
  • C1 Monster, Colossus
    Paired Weapon
    440 points
  • BS Monster, Battle Sphinx
    450 points
  • Entombed
  • SS2 Monsterous Beast, Sand Scroption
    170 points
  • SS3 2 Swarm, Scarab Swarm
    140 points
  • SS4 3 Monsterous Beasts, Sand Stalkers
    360 points
  • Special
  • C2 War Machine, Catapult
    200 points
  • Total: 4000 points



- My opponent chose table edge

- His Witch Doctor generated spells from pyromancy ( 1 + 6 ), When I did the battle report and my opponent provided me his list he actually bought 2 extra spells so he should have gained one spell more.

- My Hierophant knew every spell from Evocation

Deployment order was following:

- Skeletons, Ark of Ages and both chariot units

- All Orcs deployed

My skeleton Scouts blocked vanguard and my opponent rolled his vanguard first.

Turn 1 - Orcs & Goblins


- Cautious advance on Orcs

MAGIC: 3+1 + DD

- Pyroclastic 4 PD -> Dispelled with 4 DD


- nothing significant happend perhaps couple wounds on somewhere, catapult missed.

Turn 1 - Cursed Kings


- very cautious movement

MAGIC: 7+1 +1 DD

- Whispers of the Veil to Warchief 3 PD ( 9 ) dispelled with 3 DD

- Touch of the Reaper to Warchief 4 PD -> Failed to dispel caused 3 wounds!

( I actually miscalculated my soul conduit as I took 7 dice, but I should have had 8 dice instead)


- I couldn't do the last wound on the Warchief and sadly I turned my chariot 2 so that I couldn't try to do it with them next turn.

- Combined shooting killed 5 goblin riders and they passed the test

- Catapult Charnel shot killed around 10 orcs with direct hit. I didn't even realize that it was flaming attack and my opponent was flammable due fields until I actually did the shot and just checked what the rules were for the shots :D No panic.

Turn 2 - Orcs & Goblins


- Riders charged Skeleton Scouts but failed

- My opponent went to full steam

MAGIC: 4+1

- Enveloping Embers to Skeleton Warriors 5 PD ( OF ) -> Attempted to dispel on 4 DD. It killed 15 skeletons and in return only 5 goblins died and nothing else (my opponent rolled 5 ones on the woundings)


- Catapult malfuntioned and destroyed, shooting insifnicant.

Turn 2 - Cursed Kings


- Chariot 2 Charged goblin raiders that fled and redirected to boar chariot, (sadly those riders just barely fled over the skeleton scouts max range so no extra bounce.

- Dark Cult Hierophant charged Wyvern

- Colossus + Chariot 1 charged trolls

Scorpion emerged and randomly scattered in to the ironorc fight. ( it also blocked possible overrun with skeleton units)

Sand stalkers also scattered in to orc unit

MAGIC: 7+3 + PD

- Evocation of Souls to Skeletons 2 PD -> Succesfull, healed with hierophant chariots

- Ancestral Aid to Battlesphinx 2 PD -> Succesfull

- Spectral Blades to Chariot 1 2 PD -> Dispelled 2 DD

- Whispers of the Veil to Black Orcs 3 PD -> Dispelled with 4 DD

- Truth of Time to Wyvern 1 PD -> Nat fail ( needed 6 :D )


- Catapult missifred and malfunctioned no shooting this / next turn.

- Shooting insignificant


- I started with General combat. IN this battle we played it wrong as I did first the impact hits and THEN challenged wyvern with unit champ. This was (well not sure was it correct way to play during 8th, but atleast the way we played it during 8th. but now I realized that it was definately violation to the rules). My impact hits caused wound but it was saved. My opponent easily destroyed my champion and gained 3 overkill, but still due the rank + war standard + banner + charge he lost the combat but held his ground.

- I played Sand Stalker next and with good luck I only lost 4 wounds total with crumble

- Troll fight my impact hits were golden. 9 impacts, 8 wounds and opponent saved only 2 with 4+ ward. Then my colossus did some wounds and again my chariots regular attacks caused ton of unsaved regeneration. Trolls destroyed one chariot (and it actually opened possibility to overrun in to the sand stalker combat :D Trolls broke down and both chased, sadly my chariot roll was low. Colossus caught the trolls

- Battle Sphinx + Scorpion fight was really bloody. I rolled really well with both scorpion and ancestral aided battle sphinx. I dind't even use breath weapon as my opponent ranks vaporized. He caused only 1 wound on my sphinx and 2 wound on scorpion and broke down. Both pursuited

- Chariots managed to destroy the boar chariot and overrun in to the forested orcs. I lost couple wounds on dangerous terrain.

Turn 3 - Orcs & Goblins


- Charge from goblins to archers

- Riders failed to rally and ran off board



- Orcs 2 combat. My chariots did 10 wounds on impacts! and my opponent totally foiled his attacks, he caused only 2 wounds on chariots and without steadfast broke. I restrained my pursuit

- Sand Stalkers managed to do couple wounds and suffered some. They lost the combat by 1 so no damage due Undead Construct.

- Goblins just ran through those archers.

- Wyvern boss directed all of his attacks on my Hierophant. He had str 8 and 6 attacks with the boss and 3 attacks with the mount. He caused only 2 wounds me total after couple wards. ( I had good luck with me as my opponent failed with many to hits and then rolled snake eyes on to wounds) My opponent lost the combat against static but still held.

Turn 3 - Cursed Kings


- My scouts declared charge to orcs first, they bounced, then my scorpion declared charge and they didn't bounce off board. Then battle sphinx bounced them off board

- Chariots charged sand stalkers

- My swarm scattered almost off board

MAGIC: 7+2

- Spectral Blades on Skeleton Warriors 2 PD

- Ancestral Aid on Skeleton Warriors 2 PD

- Ultimate Evocation of Souls 5 PD ( OF ) , My opponent decided to let it go instead of trying to dispel in hope of bad miscast. Both of my chariot units and battle sphinx healed to full health, sand scorpion healed one wound and sand stalkers healed 2 enough to bring 1 model back with only 1 wound. I used healing on skeleton unit for healing my hierophant and his own ability to heal him self to full health. I rolled 2 on miscast and from and total 11 skeletons died in witch fire, but my hierophant survived both amnesia and wounds.


- My opponents warchief foiled again with his attacks this time with str 8 and 5 attacks only 1 wound that I saved. His wyvern got poisoned venomous fang and it did only 2 wound and one other wound I saved. This time my reroll to hit / to wounds payed up and war chief was killed.

- Chariots and Stalkers managed to break orc boes but failed to caught them.

This moment my opponent decided to yield.


- This was my opponent first game with orcs and second or third game total in 9th.

- Those scatter charges really scared me. I though that those stalkers would be wasted but they held their ground pretty impressively. I could imagine how harsh similar charge from Catephrat might feel. Scorpions aid to batltesphinx was well taken. He did total 4 wounds with atttacks and stomp and only gave 2 combat resolution to my opponent. I had high hopes that I would either kill or break my opponents wyvern so I could get steadfast breaking / static combat resolution to the Iron Orc battle, but with scorpion coming in the way that wouldn't happen. And as I failed to kill / break my opponent

- Soul Conduit didn't feel as good as I hoped for, but that Ark of Ages truly seems powerfull upgrade for the hierophant. The WiP shown in the pictures is actually my really hastly done scratch build mainly from necrosphinx / warpshinx dualkit spare parts.

- I think arcane book was worth its points in this battle.

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