Beastmen vs. Cursed Kings


Location: Winterfell
Date played: 14. syyskuuta 2014

We decided to have Battleline. No roll for scenario Terrain was randomized as BRB 8th page 142. We had a third person watching our game (one of my friend which plays Necromunda with me nicknamed Marsupilami) He made the terrain for us.


General: Turri

  • Lord
  • Shama1 Infantry (Character), Great Bray-Shaman
    Level 4, Ranhorn Helm, Rune of the True Beast
    265 points
  • Hero
  • Wargo Infantry (Character), Wargor
    BSB, additional hand weapon, heavy armor, the beast banner, gnarled hide
    208 points
  • Shama2 Chariot (Character), Bray-Shaman
    Level 2, Skin of Man, The Terrifying Mask of EEE!, Ranmorhn Helm
    310 points
  • Core
  • Gor 42 Infantry, Gor Herd
    Full command, additional hand weapon
    361 points
  • Ungor1 10 Infantry, Ungor Raiders
    66 points
  • Ungor2 10 Infantry, Ungor Raiders
    Halfhorn, Beastman Ambush
    66 points
  • Tusk1 Chariot, Tuskgor Chariot
    80 points
  • Tusk2 Chariot, Tuskgor Chariot
    80 points
  • Special
  • Harp 6 Infantry, Harpies
    84 points
  • Besti 41 Infantry, Bestigor
    Full Command, Banner of Outrage
    542 points
  • RH Monsterous beast, Razorgor Herd
    55 points
  • Rare
  • Cygor Monster, Cygor
    275 points
  • Total: 2392 points

Cursed Kings

General: Loriel

  • Lord
  • King Infantry (Character), Tomb King
    Destroyer of Eternities, enchanted shield + dragonbane gem.
    260 points
  • HLP Infantry (Character), High Liche Priest
    Level 4, Lore of Nehekhara, Hierophant, Talisman of Preservation + Dispel scroll
    280 points
  • Hero
  • Ramho Infantry (Character), Ramhotep
    110 points
  • Core
  • Arc 22 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    142 points
  • SHA1 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Horse Archer
    70 points
  • SHA2 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Horse Archer
    70 points
  • SHA3 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Horse Archer
    70 points
  • Cha1 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariots
    165 points
  • Cha2 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariots
    165 points
  • Special
  • Car 4 War beast, Carrions
    96 points
  • TG 40 Infantry, Tomb Guard
    Full Command + Halberds, warbanner
    585 points
  • Swarm1 2 Swarm, Tomb Swarm
    80 points
  • Swarm2 2 Swarm, Tomb Swarm
    80 points
  • Rare
  • Cask War Machine, Casket of Souls
    135 points
  • SSC War Machine, Screaming Skull Catapult
    90 points
  • Total: 2398 points


My opponent got to choose table edge, but I landed unit first. I was first to drop characters on board.

My hierophant got Desert Winds, Protection, Vengeance and Dessication.

His Great Bray Shaman used Lore of Shadows. He had miasma, enfeeble foe, withering and okkam's mindrazor. His level 2 had wyssan and amberspear

I won the roll of for starting the game.

Turn 1 - Cursed Kings

Double charge to harpies.

Magic; WoM 6+1 +2 from caskat and opponent channeled one pd ( 9 vs. 7) Passed Soul-Eater test

- Vengeance on Bestigor 3 pd. 4 DD dispell

- Protection 2 PD on Tomb Guard

- Casket 4 PD original target Bray Shaman. Dispelled

At shooting I tried to shoot the Rozrgor herd, doing 1 wound in it. Catapult scattered from Cygor.

Harpies did one wound on carrions and I killed 4 of them. I decided not to overrrun in to the forest. Harpies revealed the forest to be Venom Thicket

Turn 1 - Beastmen

No charges. Beastman ambush delayed. Harpies rallied. Gor Herd scouted the forest and revealed it to be Wildwood

Magic: WoM 2+5 no channels

- Amberspear on Chariots 5 PD High roll, I let it go and he rolled 1 to wound

- Miasma on Tomb Guard 2 PD, natural failure.

Shooting. Cygor managed to kill two archers in the house and two tomb guard.

Turn 2 - Cursed Kings

I tried long charge on chariots to Razorgor, failure, I tried long charge with Tomb Guard to Tuskgor Chariot. (they would have lined nicely to Gor Herd on Gor Herd on overrun as would have chariots ;) Horse Archers charged to Harpies and Carrions on ungor raiders. Other chariot unit revealed the forest to be Wildwoods and luckily no DT. Both Swarms arrived at the battle.

Magic: WoM 3+3 +3 from casket. ( 9 vs. 3) Passed Soul-eater test

- Upgraded Vengeance 4 PD on Bestigors, failed to dispel. Movement reduced by 2.

- Casket 2 PD, initial target Bestigor. No wounds on bestigor, 3 wounds on Cygor, Tuskerchariot destroyed -> Gor Herd paniced and runned away from closest enemy. NO dmage on Gor Herd on bounce.

At shooting catapult scattered from Cygor, but managed to kill on Bestigor. They survivaed the panic. I shot with both horse archers and iniside the house Cygor and managed to do 1 wound on it, leaving it only with 1 wound.

At close combat, Horse archers feared the Harpies and wiped them out. Carrions survived without a scratch and broken herd ran off the board. Skeleton Chariots destroyed the Tuskerchariot on charge and reformed.

Turn 2 - Beastmen

Razorgor Herd charged the swarm. Bray Shaman charged chariots. Gor Herd rallied. Bestigors stayed still on the fear of double vengeance.. Beastman ambush delayed.

Magic: WoM 4+2 no channels

- Wyssans on Brayshaman 4 PD, passed

- Miasma 2 pd on Tomb Guard, Dispelled

At close combat, Razorgor Herd did 2 wounds on swarm and died on poison! Fear the Swarm! Bray Shaman received 1 wound on the attacks. Chariots crumbled exactly right ammount to die completely. Without Wyssan shaman would have died (we actually first played it without the wyssan and he rolled armor saves. but then we realized that I didn't wound him with 2 attacks, then he survived the blow.)

Turn 3 - Cursed Kings

I was so excited about the Swarms so I decided to charge to Cyg with them. Tomb Guard charged on Bestigors and with the help of horse archers placement, my Tomb Guard managed to land the charge so that everyone of them could strike, but there were many bestigors that were left stranded. I placed carrions on flee gongaline behind the bestigors.

Magic: 4+6 +1 cask, no channels. Failed Soul Eater test.

- Casket 6 PD target bray shaman chariot. He decided to risk it and rolled 16. Then on randomization only one hitted the shaman, but since he was allready wounded both chariot and shaman died.

- Dessication upgraded version 5 pd on Bestigors, it got dispelled.

At shooting I killed some Gor Herd. Catapult scattered away.

At close combat Swarm received 2 wounds and Killed the one wounded Cygnor on poison! Indeed FEAR THE SWARM! They overran on Gorherd. At Tomb Guard vs. Bestigor battle no challenges were taken. Tomb King was forced to smack Great Shaman and he brutally devastaed the great grey shaman. I managed to land Killing Blow on his BSB (which he took in battle too.) Total casualties were 14 Tomb Guard, 16 Bestigors + Great shaman and Wargor bsb. He lost the combat by 7 and I just barely stripped his Steadfast he broke. I totally forgot that I am forced to overrun, I originally said that I am restraining pursuit since he was needing roll of 4 to hit my carrions and go off board. He rolled 3. Then he said that didn't I have frenzy on them, so there was no option to restrain pursuit. Then I rolled exactly three and caught them ;)

Turn 3 - Beastmen

Finally his ungors arrived and came from his left flank.

No magic. Shooting didn't wound casket. Gor Herd killed the swarm.

Turn 4 - Cursed Kings

I managed to land charge on both swarm and chariots on the flank of gors.

Magic: WoM 5 +1 +3 casket.

- Casket 5 PD on Ungor raiders. it failed to wound.

- Dessication on ungors 3 pd. Dispelled

At shooting horsearcher managed to kill on ungor. Catapult scattered away.

At close combat, Gors feared me and received Primal fury. They did only 1 wound on swarms and I killed something like... 7? He was steadfast and passed the test, but failed reform.

Turn 4 - Beastmen

Charge to Casket of Souls.

No magic, No shooting

Gor herd did couple wounds, I did more, won the combat by little. This time Gors failed the break test and were destroyed. Ungors did 1 wound my crew did 1 wound and he won the combat by 1. Casket Survived!

Turn 5 - Cursed Kings

Long charge on Ungor with horse archers landed. The other horse archer unit were too far away.

I decided not cast anything. At shooting, as I don't believe that shooting to near close combatis "accidental" in situation where there isn't any legal target that could be hitted with scatter.

At close combat gors destroyed the Casket and when it blew up it killed all the horse archers, and most of the ungors. This was interesting situation that my opponent were at the same time dropped out from combat and received heavy casualty. In the end we decided that in this particular situation the player whos turn is chooses the order thus heavy casualty -> ran off board.

Final score was 2600? to 450.

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