Wood Elves vs. Cursed Kings


Scenario: Battleline
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 7. syyskuuta 2014

We decided to have Battleline. No roll for scenario Terrain was randomized as BRB 8th page 142. I won the first pick for terrain. Terrain placement order

- Setllement of order ( Buliding, Dwarf brewhous and 3 x fence)

- Mistwreathed swamp

- Forest on the right

- Mistwreathed swamp

- Tower of blood

- Forest on the left

Wood Elves

General: Stumpel

  • Lord
  • TA Monster (Character), Treeman Ancient
    Level 3, Lore of Life (Earthblood, Flesh to stone, Throne of Vines)
    325 points
  • Mage1 Cavalry (Character), Spellweaver
    Level 4, Dispell scroll, asrai longbow, Elven Steed, Lore of High magic (Drain magic, Hand of Glory, Walk between the worlds, Fiery Convocation)
    270 points
  • Hero
  • Capta2 Infantry (Character), Glade Captain
    Daith's Reaper, Asrai Longbow, Elven Steed, Light Armor, shield
    137 points
  • W Infantry (character), Waystalker
    Bow of Loren
    110 points
  • Core
  • Hagba 15 Infantry, Glade Guard
    Musician, Hagbane Tips
    235 points
  • TruFl 15 Infantry, Glade Guard
    Musician, Trueflight Arrow
    235 points
  • GR1 5 Cavalry, Glade Riders
    Hagbane tips
    110 points
  • GR2 5 Cavalry, Glade Riders
    Hagbane tips
    110 points
  • Special
  • Scout1 5 Infantry, Deepwood Scouts
    80 points
  • SoT 6 Cavalry, Sisters of Thron
    166 points
  • Wild 10 Cavalry, Wild Riders
    Full command, Banner of eternal flames, Shield
    320 points
  • Waywa2 10 Infantry, Waywatchers
    200 points
  • Rare
  • GE1 Monsterous beast, Great Eagle
    50 points
  • GE2 Monsterous beast, Great Eagle
    50 points
  • Total: 2398 points

Cursed Kings

General: Loriel

  • Lord
  • King Infantry (Character), Tomb King
    General, Great Weapon, Shield, Armor of Destiny, Cloack of Dunes
    279 points
  • HLP Infantry (Character), High Liche Priest
    Level 4, Lore of Nehekhara, Hierophant, Talisman of Preservation, Dispel Scroll, Ruby ring of Ruin
    305 points
  • Hero
  • Apoph Infantry ( Character), Prince Apophas
    130 points
  • Core
  • SHA1 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Horse Archer
    70 points
  • SHA2 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Horse Archer
    70 points
  • Arc 27 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    Full Command
    192 points
  • Cha1 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariots
    165 points
  • Cha2 3 Chariot, Skeleton Chariots
    165 points
  • Special
  • Car 3 War beast, Carrions
    72 points
  • Scorp1 Monstrous Beast, Tomb Scorpion
    85 points
  • Scorp2 Monstrous Beast, Tomb Scorpion
    85 points
  • Knigh 3 Monsterous Cavalry, Necropolish Knights
    Musician / Banner, EBTS
    230 points
  • Stalk 3 Monsterous Beast, Sepulchral Stalkers
    165 points
  • Swarm1 2 Swarm, Tomb Swarm
    80 points
  • Swarm2 2 Swarm, Tomb Swarm
    80 points
  • Rare
  • Cask War Machine, Casket of Souls
    135 points
  • SSC War Machine, Screaming Skull Catapult
    90 points
  • Total: 2398 points


I won the side picking and first deployment. My opponent took Venom Thicket as his forest. Order of the deployment were

- Chariots (on the left), Gladeguards on the forest, Archers, Glade guards outside forest, Chariots, Great eagle on the right, Carrions, Eagle on the left, Casket/Catapult , Wildriders, Tomb King characters, Sisters + Characters

I rolled many choices and I took, Desert Winds, Smiting, Vengeance and SKULLSTORM! (I wanted to test it against elves)

My opponent got for the levle 4, Drain Magic, Hand of Glory, Walk Between worlds and fiery convocation. Ancien got Earthblood, Flesh to Stone and Throne of vines.

After that my opponent won first scout deployment. He placed Deepwood scouts, then I placed vanguard blocker) he placed Waywatchers, and I placed my scouts to my deployment zone as our gaming group interpret allows.

I wont the roll of to start the game

Turn 1 - Cursed Kings

Movement pretty much as seen.

Magic: WoM 2+2 and 2 from casket. No channels

- Smiting 2 PD on archers, (14), succesfull cast

- Casket 2 PD, succesfull initial target wildriders. (Casket bounced on every unit on Wood elves lines, but did only 1 wound on great eagle on the right.)

- Desert winds 2 PD, dispelled.

Shooting: Catapult direct hitted ancient, but I to wound roll of 1. I wanted to shoot sisters of thorn with my smited archers, but since desert winds were dispelled I chose to shoot great eagle instead. It was killed.. Horse archers shot sisters, no wounds. Chariots shot the waystalkers and managed to kill him, but failed to wound. 2 Waywatchers died on the left as result of chariot and horse archer.

No Close Combats

Turn 1 - Wood Elves

Charge from deepwood scouts to horse archers. Other than that he was pretty much standing sitll.

Magic: WoM 6+1 and he channeled 1 die

- Fiery Convocation 6 PD to archer unit. Dispel Scroll

- Throne of vines 2 PD dispelled


Poisoned gladeguards shot carrions and only 1 was ledt with 1 wound. Waywatchers shot chariots, and did only 2 wounds. Sisters killed 3 horse archers and glade guards shot chariot unit doing 2 wounds to it.

At CC, deepwood scouts feared, killed 3 horse archers. Remaining two managed to kill 3 models also, so he won the combat by 1 and 1 model was left.

Turn 2 - Cursed Kings

No charges. All EBtS except Apophas arrived at the battle.

Magic: WoM 1+2 and +1 casket. My opponent channeled 1 die.

- Smiting 2 pd on archers, dispelled with 3 dice

- Desert Winds 2 pd, succesfull. healed both chariots to full strength and 4 wounds back to carrions.


Catapult scored direct hit on ancient, did 1 multiple wounds, so becuase of the flammable it was two. Stalkers killed ancient and glade gurads in the forest paniced and runned away from the closest enemy.Combined shooting from Horse archers, chariots and archer unit killed all the sisters of Thorn, leaving the Spellweaver on her mount. Actual spell weaver was wounded also by shooting. Chariot killed another waywatcher.

Deppwood scouts killed remaining horse archer.

Turn 2 - Wood Elves

His eagle charged the flank of the chariots. He got one Glade rider unit from ambush to battle. Glade guards in the middle ralliedGlade guards near Sepulchral Stalkers swift reformed, but failed it.

Magic: 5 + 5, no channels

- Walkbetween world upgraded 6 PD. Irrestible force (resul 7) so he only lost the dices.


Waywatchers did 1 wound on scorion, ambushing glade riders did 2 wounds. Spellweaver shot horse archer. Deepwood scouts poisoned one of the catapult crew.

At close combat Eagle won the combat by 3. I failed to combat reform my chariots even with the Kings help.

Turn 3 - Cursed Kings

Charges as seen, scorpion failed charge against the gladeguards. . Apophas arrived at the battle and hunted the glade captain. I swift reformed with archers to 3 wide (fullcommand to keep my hierophant out of harms way.

Magic: WoM 4 + 5 and 3 from casket. no channels.

- Vengeance on wildriders 3 pd. Dispelled

- Cakset 2 pd on wildriders, no damage

- Smiting upgraded 5 pd. Succesfull, healded chariots and carrion to full hp. it reached stalkers also.

- Ruby ring of ruin 2 pd, succesfull. (here was one epic roll. I did 6 wounds to him.) He failed every armor save, but rolled 6 6+ wardsaves... We had to take picture of the event!

Shooting:. Few archers shot failed to deliver anything. I actually forgot to shoot with the catapult and with Apophas breath weapon!

Close combat: King killed the eagle and chariots reformed. They managed to go in certain angle, than wild riders are forced to charged against apophas, and apophas will close the door and overrun will take them in contact with the chariots. Waywatchers did 1 wound on scorpion, but 5 of them were killed by Swarm + Scorpion assault. They managed to run away. Stalkers feared their foes and killed bunch receiving only 1 wound in return, but failed to catch the bastards. Necropolis Knights wiped out 15 glade guards on rear charge.

Turn 3 - Wood Elves

Glade riders charged scorpion rear and wildriders to apophas (it doesn't show correctly on this picture but apophas was closing the door on riders. Glade guards rallied, but waywatchers didn't and ran barely off the table.

Magic: 3 + 3 + 1 channel for welfs

- Fiery Convocationon archers unit 6 PD. I tried to dispel it with 3 PD in hope of double 6. It killed 18 skeletons and did 2 wounds on my hierophant.

- Hand of glory 1 pd on wild riders, natural fail.

Shooting: Deepwood scouts failed to wound the catapult.

Close combat: I challenged with apophas and he took it with the unit champion. Apophas was left with only 1 wound. I tried to breath weapon and hoped to get exactly 6 wounds ( 1 for champion and 5 for overkill) that way I would have won combat. But as seen it didn't happend. On bright side champion died and couple more due explosion of apophas. Glade Riders killed the scorpion and overrun.

Turn 4 - Cursed Kings

Tomb King utilized Cloak of Dunes and charged the Spellweaver. Tomb Swarms bounced waywatchers of the board, failed to redirect. Scorpion charged scouts, which elect flee. Both failed the charge. Chariots reformed.

Magic: WoM 3+4 +3 (casket) no channels

- Casket 2 pd on glade riders It killed 3 of them, no panic

- Vengeance 5 pd on Wild Riders, failed to dispel

- Desert WInds 2 pd natural fail

- Ruby ring of ruin 1 pd natural fail.

Fiery Convocation killed 6 more skeletons. Luckily if one more would have being killed wild riders wouldn't overran to them.

At close combat King killed the spell weaver and reformed. Stalkers got few wounds in and lost one. They broke the glade guards and this time caught them. Wild Riders naturally anhilated chariots.

Turn 4 - Wood Elves

Ambushers were still delayed. Deepwood scouts ran of the board.

Now I have to admit, that I don't remember what happened to the glade riders.... They probably tried to shoot High Liche Priest of, but I don't recall it. Or they possible ran off the table due casket.... well anyhow I scored them somehow and they didn't interract the game further!

Wilder Riders overrun inside the swamp. 2 of them died due vengeance DT.

Turn 5 - Cursed Kings

Surrounding the wild riders. At the end of movement his glade captain was killed in the swamp alongside one other rider.

Magic: WoM 2+6 + 3 casket

- Casket against wildriders 2pd. failed to dispell, no damage

- Smiting 2 pd on chariots

- Vengeance of Wild Riders 3 pd, dispelled

- Ruby ring of ruin 2 pd, no damage

- desert winds 1 pd, natural fail.

Shooting. Catapult and chariots tried to kill the two remaining wild riders, without any luck.

Turn 5 - Wood Elves

Wild Riders charged the stalkers, both survived the dangerous terrain test. Glade Riders finally arrived at the scene.

Riders killed the Lich Priest and as result both Horse Archer and Tomb Scorpion killed also. no other crumble damage was seen.

Wild RIders killed stalkers and overran far away.

Turn 6 - Cursed Kings

Casket blew from crumble. No other damage was seen. King blocked glade riders read charges.

I managed to shoot the wild riders with 6 chariot shots. Catapult missifred, but luckily only jammed.

Turn 6 - Wood Elves

Glade riders tried to lucky shot the king but naturally failed.

Final Score 2513 - 1427

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