Empire vs. Cursed Kings


Scenario: Battleline
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 12. kesäkuuta 2014

We decided to have Battleline. No roll for scenario Terrain was randomized as BRB 8th page 142. I won the first pick for terrain. Terrain placement order

- Settlement of Destruction ( 3 x Building, 2 x wall , Tower of Blood) in the middle

- Grail Chapel

- House in TK deployment zone

- Tower in middle of empire deployment zone

- Wyrding well

- Tower in empire deployment zone

- Grail Chapel

- Hill


General: Empire General

  • Lord
  • Franz1 Cavalry (Character), Karl Franz
    386 points
  • Mage1 Infantry (Character), Battle Wizard Lord
    Level 4, Lore of Shadow (Miasma, Withering, Pendulum, Pit of Shades)
    200 points
  • Hero
  • Mage2 Infantry (Character), Battle Wizard
    Level 1, Lore of Shadow (Miasma) Dispel scroll
    90 points
  • BSB Infantry (Character), Captain of the Empire
    Battle Standard Bearer, Luckstone, Dragonhelm, Full Plate Armour, Shield
    108 points
  • Pries1 Cavalry (Character), Warrior Priest
    Warhorse, Heavy Armour, Shield, Barding
    85 points
  • Pries2 Infantry (Character), Warrior Priest
    Heavy Armour, Shield
    69 points
  • Core
  • ICK 16 Cavalry, Inner Circle Knights
    Full Command, Steel Standard
    465 points
  • Arch1 10 Infantry, Archers
    70 points
  • Arch2 5 Infantry, Archers
    35 points
  • Arch3 5 Infantry, Archers
    35 points
  • Special
  • Great 28 Infantry, Great Swords
    Full Command, Standard of Discipline
    353 points
  • GC Warmachine, Great Cannon
    120 points
  • Rare
  • ST Chariot, Steam Tank
    250 points
  • Hur Chariot, Celestial Hurricanum
    130 points
  • Total: 2396 points

Cursed Kings

General: Loriel

  • Lord
  • Arkha Infantry (Character), Arkhan the Black
    360 points
  • HLP Infantry (Character), High Liche Priest
    Level 4, Lore of Nehekhara, Hierophant, Dispel scroll, dragonbane gem
    240 points
  • Core
  • SHA1 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Horse Archer
    70 points
  • SHA2 5 Cavalry, Skeleton Horse Archer
    70 points
  • Arc1 20 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    Full Command
    150 points
  • Arc2 20 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    130 points
  • Arc3 20 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    130 points
  • Arc4 20 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    130 points
  • Special
  • Scorp1 Monstrous Beast, Tomb Scorpion
    85 points
  • Scorp2 Monstrous Beast, Tomb Scorpion
    85 points
  • Swarm1 3 Swarm, Tomb Swarm
    120 points
  • Swarm2 2 Swarm, Tomb Swarm
    80 points
  • Stalk1 4 Monsterous Beast, Sepulchral Stalkers
    220 points
  • Stalk2 4 Monsterous Beast, Sepulchral Stalkers
    220 points
  • Rare
  • Cask War Machine, Caskett of Souls
    135 points
  • Hiero Monster, Hierotitan
    175 points
  • Total: 2400 points


My opponent won side bicking, and first turn. I managed to screen casket and hierotitan from great cannon.

Arkhan had Spirit leech, cares of laniph, soulblight, doom & darkness and purple sun

HLP got Protection, Smiting, Vengeance and Dessication.

My opponent won the first turn.

Turn 1 - Empire

My opponent went full speed ahead.

Magic: WoM 5+1 , +1 Hurri, +1 DD (7 vs. 6)

- Level 1 casted 2 PD bigger miasma on archers. Native fail

- Level 4 casted 5 PD pit of shades, which I used 6 DD and dispelled

At shooting great cannon missed the house. Steam tank one shotted Casket and 2 skeleton archers were deadened by it.


Turn 1 - Cursed Kings

Movement pretty much as seen. Horse archers blocked inner circle knights movement.

Magic: WoM 5+2 , + 1 channel PD ( 8 vs 5)

- Vengeance against Inner circle knights 2 PD (double 1), native fail

- Spirit Leech against 2 PD (cast value of 17). Dispel Scroll

- Doom and Darkness against greatswords 1 PD, native fail

- Shems Burning Gaze agains archers 3 PD, dispelled

At shooting Both horse archers killed one archers.

Archers 3 shot archers down, and killed them all. Great Swords would have fled without the BSB.

Rest archers shot great swords (total 58 shots) and kille only two great swords.

Turn 2 - Empire

Magic: WoM 5+4, +1 PD hurri, +1 DD Channel (10 vs 6)

- Miasma (upgraded) against Archers 2, 3 PD, Succesfully casted (Level 1)

- Miasma (upgraded) against Archers 1, 3 PD, Succesfully casted

- Shield of Faith on Great Swords, 4 PD, 3 DD dispell from Arkhan

- 3 DD restored for power dices.

At shooting, 2 Horse archers died and cannon hitted the building killing 3 models.

Turn 2 - Cursed Kings

All EBtS entered game and no mishaps. I placed Tomb Swarm blocking the inner circle knights. Then both stalker units, then scorpion near steam tank, scorpion in hte middle and swarm in the back.

Magic: WoM 5+1, +3 PD Arkhan ( 9 vs. 5)

- Spirit Leach against BSB, 2 PD (14) BSB killed and 1 power dice from lore attribute

- Cares of Lanip against Battle priest, 2 PD, (10) causes 1 wound

- Soulblight against great swords, 2 PD (14) succesfully casted

- D&D against inner circle knights 2 PD (12) dispelled

- Vengeance against the inner circle knights 2 PD, failed dispel.

At shooting total 8 x artillery dice worth of shots fired against inner circle knights. One missfire. It was about 40 shots and I killed 6 knights. They passed panic test. All archers barraged Great Swords only killing something like 4 of them... Archers 1 got miasmad and they rolled whopping 7 x 5 on to hit ;(

Turn 3 - Empire

Karl Franz charged out of the unit, and received wound from DT test. Great Sword charged against skeleton horse arhcers. They were their front, so he couldn't over run to anywere. Tank was jammed with the scorpion blocking it. Those darn archers managed to slip past my scorpion and screen them self against the swarms charge. Few knights died when they reformed.

Magic: WoM 6 + 3, +1 Hurriculum, +2 PD channel + 1 DD channel (12 vs 7)

- Withering to Tomb Scorpion near the archers 4 PD, Irrestible force, Scorpion got reduced toughness by 2. power drain lost 1 level.

- Shield of faith inner circle knights 3 PD, dispelled with 3 DD

- Shield of faith great swords 2 pd, dispelled 1 DD

- Miasma against archers 1 3 PD, natural fail

- Arkhan stored 3 PD

At shooting, archers managed to do 2 wounds on the withered scorpion. Great cannon tried to shoot the scorpion near the steam tank, but missed. Steam cannon tried to steam my scorp without any luck.

At close combat Karl Franz dealt total 9 damage on Swarm. That one base did 3 poisoned hits against Franz, which he unfortunately saved. He overrunned.

Turn 3 - Cursed Kings

Tomb Swarm couldn't charge the mage bunker at all, but they were able to do clipping charge against the archers near the tower. They chose to flee and I redirected swarm against garrisoned great cannon.

Magic: WoM 5+4, +3 PD Arkhan (12 vs. 5)

- Spirit Leech against battle priest, 2 PD (15), kill, 1 PD from lore attribute

- Cares of Laniph against battle wizard, 2 PD (17)m kill, 2 PD from lore attribute

- Soulblight against great swords, 2 PD (17) succesfully cast

- Vengeance against Inner cirvle knighst 3 PD (14) succsefully cast

- Doom and Darkness agaisnt Karl Franz, 1 PD (10) dispelled with 2 DD

- Bubble smiting 5 PD (20) failed to dispel. Bubble touched every unit except Tomb Scorpion on the top. It healed my archers to full strength

At shooting Stalkers managed to kill all the Circle knights ( I realized now that I rolled them all at once, which was wrongly done). As Warrior priest never left the unit we didn't know wether vengeance would stay on. We decided to 4+ roll it and I lost. Passed panic.

Archers 2 shot 40 shot against soul blighted Great Swords, killed 6 of them. He rolled panic test exactly 10, and since he had that banner of discipline he couldn't use Karls Inspiring precence.

Archers in the building shot 40 shots against mage bunker archers and luckily killed them all, leaving the mage alone. Archers 4 shot total 40 shots against the lone mage and they managed to do only 2 wounds to it.

At close combat Swarms anhilated great cannon with poisoned attacks. At Karl Franz battle franz killed 3 skeletons, I naturally failed to do any damage on Franz. As I got 1 Rank, charge and flank we got draw and I won the combat by 1 due musician. Franz managed to hold. Franz would have broken if there would have been Doom and Darkness hexing him. I reformed from victory and then we realized that since Franz is flanked he couldn't reform because then some models would have dropped out of combat.

Turn 4 - Empire

He did double charge on stalkers. Both Archers and Great Sword rallied.He managed to just barely march his wizard lord out of scorpions arc.

Magic: WoM 5+1, +1 Hurri ( 7 vs 5)

- Shield of Faith 3 PD, 2 DD dispel

- Miasma Upgraded agaisnt stalkers in combat 4 PD (18) , Dispell scrolled

- Arkhan stored 3 Dice

No shooting

At close combat Karl managed to kill again 3, I lost the combat by 1 so total 4 skellies died. Hurriculum did 6 impact hits but fortunately it only wounded 2. I managed to do one wound on warrior priest. He failed to wound stalkers on his priest, acolyte and horse attacks. Thus I lost the combat by 3. Total 4 wounds. As I suffered 2 wounds from missfire earlier I was left with only 2 stalkers.

Turn 4 - Cursed Kings

Movement pretty much as seen

Magic: WoM 3+1, +2 PD channel +3 PD Arkhan ( 9 vs. 3)

- Spirit Leeched Wizard Lord 2 PD (15), Kill

- Protection on archers in CC, 3 PD (15),3 models resurrected)

- Purple sun 4 PD, Irrestible force. Purple sun managed to hit every model in Great sword unit killing like 7 of them. I managed to roll 4 dice back. Miscast caused 2 dead skeleton and 1 wound for Arkhan. I also lost all the remaining dices.

At shooting, I shot every psosible shot againsts the Greatswords and killed some of them. There were only 3 models left on that unit after purple + shooting. Passed panic test.

At close combat Franz and his horse did 5 wounds, but I warded 2 of them. So again lost by 1 and total 4 skeletons died. At stalker battle no damage was dealt and since animated construct crumble 1 less no damage done.

Turn 5 - Empire

Not much movement

Magic: WoM 4+2, 1 DD channel (6 vs. 5)

- Soulfire 1 PD, fail

- Hammer 2 PD, failed 1 DD dispel

- Shield of Faith 3 PD, 2 DD dispel

- Arkhan stores 2 DD

purple sun moved and killed 2 swarm bases.

He probably shot his archers and tried to steam that scorpion with no success.

At close combat, Franz killed 2 or 3 archers. At stalkers fight stelmate continues.

Turn 5 - Cursed Kings

Tomb Swarm and scorpion did double charge. Scorpion failed his charge on double 1. I swift reformed with Archers 2.

Magic: WoM 6+6 (12 vs 6)

- Protection on archers in close combat, 3 PD (14) 3 Archer resurrected

- Bubble soulblight 4 PD (22) Dispelled

- Smiting on archers on close combat, 1 PD, succesfull, 2 archer resurrected

- Doom and Darkness to Karl 2 PD, Passed

- Dessication on Karl 1 PD, nat fail

- Burning gaze on archers, nat fail

Purple sun missfires and dissapates

At shooting archers killed archers. No harm done to stank.

At close combat Swarm manages to kill one great sword and breaks them. Banner is destroyed so single model is on the run. Karl again killed few models. Stalkers were left with single wound.

Turn 6 - Empire

Magic: WoM 6+2, +1 Hurri (9 vs. 6)

- Hammer 3PD, passed

- Soulffire 3PD, failed to dispel on 2 dices

- Shield 3PD, failed to dispel on 2 dices

- Arkhan stores 2 dices

Stalker finaly dies, and Karl reduces archers to 4 model strong.

Turn 6 - Cursed Kings

Archers join the fight against Karl. Tomb Swarm charged to great sword it bounced through hurriculum, which subsequentely fled the battle field. Redireting charge to warrior priest and managed to score long charge with it. (Too bad stalkers were making it impossible to finish the charge against hurriculum with swarm.

Magic: WoM 6+4, +2 Akrhan (12 vs 6)

- Spirit leech on hurriculum 3 PD, passed but no kill

- protection on almost dead archers on 2 pd, passed and resurrection

- Bubble smiting 5 PD IF, healing healing.

t shooting, lonely great sword got downed ( I Almost forgot it. If my opponent would blabbered about it I would probably no shoot it.)

At close combat swarm managed to score poisons, but armor is too bad. Karl Franz on the other hand lost the combat and since he still had Doom and Darkness. I didn't manage to catch the bastard.

Game ended and final score was 1328 - 440

Game analyze:

- I got more channels than ever. Very rare, and nice thing. Magic was working very well on my end. I got many 2 PD casting values of something like 14 - 17 in this game.

- Steam tank babysit was just perfect. 85 point scorpion earned his poinst.

- I liked 4 stalker, but on retro spective I should have placed those stalkers little bit differently.

- Flank charge against lord Karl Franz was just pure epic battle. He killed many skeletons, but they always got more.

- That last turn charge to that lone great sword was stupid choice. Worst case scenario I wouldn't killed it with my 20 archer shots and since arch 4 would have been out of range of it...

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