Deamons + Skavens + Dark Elves + Orcs vs. High Elves + Tomb Kings


Scenario: Battleline
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 11. maaliskuuta 2017


This is my 100th game with High Elves and I wanted to play something different. So we tried to get every player in our gaming group and every army to single battle and at the same time we will bury 8th for good and start to play 9th age. Sadly we didn't get everyone to join. Armies such as Empire, Vampire Counts, Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen, Another Dark Elf player and wood elves are missing this game. We also didn't know for sure how many players would show up and thus we made the lists just before starting. Apparently there was some huge mixups since we turned out to have roughly 14410 vs 13466 point game, but all in all since we decided to cut Reign of Chaos rule out that extra 1000 points for deamon side seems reasonable. It is also compelte possible I forgot some unit, have wrong point cost etc.

Another point is that our Dark Elf player had played with dark elf 7th and this was his first game with 8th. So his list is actually hybrid from both editions (unintentionally) since in the new edition dark elves cannot field the notorious unkillable lord. But in this game that unkillable lord is present!


- 14000 point game

- No Reign of Chaos

- Fixed battleline. No roll for scenario

- 3 unit deployed at once.

- Warhammer: Rulebook 8th, official FAQ v 1.9 ( 50% characters)

- Warhammer: High Elves 8th

- Warhammer: Tomb Kings 8th

- Warhammer: Daemons of Chaos 8th

- Warhammer: Dark Elves 8th

- Warhammer: Skaven 7th

- Warhammer: Orcs & Goblins 8th

- Hidden lists

- Non magical terrain

- Only painted models. (definiton of painted slightly varied)

- No End Times rules.

- For the simplification for rules we treat each side as one player for the purpose of deployment / magic etc.

Deamons + Skavens + Dark Elves + Orcs

General: Huan + Helkku + Butch + Mantsa

  • Lord
  • BT Monster (Character), Blood Thirster
    Daemonic Gifts
    500 points
  • LoC Monster (Character), Lord of Change
    Level 4, Lore of Tzeetch, Greater gifts
    570 points
  • MD Cavalry (Character), Malus Darkblade
    295 points
  • D1 Monsterous Cavalry (Character), Dreadlord
    Pegasos, Sea Dragon Cloak, Heavy Armor, Shield
    280 points
  • SS Infantry (Character), Supreme Sorceress
    Level 4 Lore of Shadow: Miasma, Enfeeble Foe, Withering, Okkam's Mindrazor
    320 points
  • W1 Infantry (Character), Warlord
    Great Weapon, Shield , War-litter, Tail Weapon
    142 points
  • GI Infantry (Character), Grimgor Ironhide
    355 points
  • OGS Infantry (Character), Orc Great Shaman
    Level 4: Gaze of Mork, Hand of Gork, Eadbutt, Foot of Gork
    200 points
  • OW Monster (Character), Orc Warboss
    275 points
  • NGGS Infantry (Character), Night Goblin Great Shaman
    Level 4: Vindictive Gaze, Gift of the Spider-God, Itchy Nuisance, Curse of da Bad Moon
    175 points
  • Hero
  • HoK Infantry (Character), Herald of Khorne
    BSB, Greater Gifts, Greater Locus of Fury
    235 points
  • HoN Infantry (Character), Herald of Nurgle
    Greater Gifts, Greater Locus of Fecundity
    185 points
  • HoS Infantry (Character), Herald of Slaanesh
    Greater gifts, Greater Locus of Swiftness
    190 points
  • HoT Infantry (Character), Herald of Tzeentch
    Exalted Locus of Conjuration, Greater gifts, Lore of Tzeench, Level 2: Blue fire of Tzeentch, Bolt of Change
    225 points
  • TC Infantry (Character), The Changeling
    Lore of Tzeench Level 1: Blue fire of Tzeentch
    170 points
  • SB Infantry (Character), Shadow Blade
    245 points
  • S1 Infantry (Character), Sorceress
    Tome of Furion Level 2 Lore of Dark Magic: Chillwind, Bladewind, Arnzipal's Black Horror
    160 points
  • DC Infantry (Character), Deathhag + Cauldron
    BSB (wrong base size, old style cauldron)
    225 points
  • M Infantry (Character), Master
    130 points
  • WE1 Infantry (Character), Warlock Engineer
    Lore of Ruin, Warpmusket, Skavenbrew, Level 2: Skitterleap, Howling Warpgale
    165 points
  • NGBB1 Infantry (Character), Night Goblin Big Boss
    Great Weapon, Light armour, Shield
    38 points
  • NGBB2 Infantry (Character), Night Goblin Big Boss
    Great Weapon, Light armour, Shield
    38 points
  • Core
  • BoK 40 Infantry, Bloodletters of Khorne
    Full Command
    590 points
  • PoN 40 Infantry, Plaguebearers of Nurgle
    Full Command
    550 points
  • PHoT 10 Infantry, Pink Horrors of Tzeentch
    Full Command
    160 points
  • DoS 20 Infantry, Daemonettes of Slaanesh
    Full Command
    250 points
  • D2 25 Infantry, Dreadspears
    Full Command
    280 points
  • C 34 Infantry, Corsairs
    Full Command
    450 points
  • WE2 13 Infantry, Witch Elves
    Full Command
    234 points
  • D3 22 Infantry, Darkshards
    Full Command, shields
    315 points
  • DR 15 Cavalry, Dark Riders
    Full Command, shields, Repeaters
    330 points
  • S2 20 Infantry, Stormvermin
    Ful Command, poisoned wind mortar
    230 points
  • PWM Infantry, Poisoned Wind Mortar
    65 points
  • S3 40 Infantry, Stormvermin
    Full Command, Ratling Gun
    360 points
  • RG Infantry, Ratling Gun
    55 points
  • S4 40 Infantry, Stormvermin
    Full Command, Warpfire Thrower
    375 points
  • WT Infantry, Warpfire Thrower
    70 points
  • GR 14 Infantry, Giant Rats
    50 points
  • RS 4 Infantry, Rat Swam
    Full Command, Warpfire Thrower
    100 points
  • NG1 50 Infantry, Night Goblins
    Full Command, 2x fanatics, Netters
    275 points
  • F1 Special, Fanatic
  • F2 Special, Fanatic
  • NG2 40 Infantry, Night Goblins
    Full Command, Short Bows
    150 points
  • GWR 10 Cavalry, Goblin Wolf Riders
    Full Command
    150 points
  • OBu 35 Infantry, Orc Big-uns
    Full Command, Additional Handweapon
    350 points
  • Special
  • Screa 6 War Beast, Screamers of Tzeentch
    240 points
  • SoS 5 Cavalry, Seekers of Slaanesh
    Full Command
    130 points
  • Seeke Chariot, Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh
    110 points
  • S5 6 Infantry, Shades
    100 points
  • BG 15 Infantry, Black Guard
    Full Command
    250 points
  • CoK 5 Cavalry, Cold one Knights
    Full Command
    170 points
  • CoC Chariot, Cold one Chariot
    115 points
  • RB1 Warmachine, Reaper Boltthrower
    70 points
  • RB2 Warmachine, Reaper Boltthrower
    70 points
  • W2 Monster, Warhydra
    160 points
  • H 8 Infantry, Harpies
    120 points
  • RO 5 Monsterous Infantry, Rat Ogres
    Packmaster, Champion
    223 points
  • PM 10 Infantry, Plague Monks
    Full Command, Storm Banner
    145 points
  • BOI 35 Infantry, Black Orcs Immortalz
    Full Command
    445 points
  • SC1 Warmachine, Spear Chukka
    35 points
  • SC2 Warmachine, Spear Chukka
    35 points
  • SC3 Warmachine, Spear Chukka
    35 points
  • Rare
  • SCoK Chariot, Skull Cannon of Khorne
    135 points
  • BCoT Chariot, Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
    Bluehorror crew
    170 points
  • PDoN 3 Monsterous Cavalry, Plague Drones of Nurgle
    Full Command
    195 points
  • PC Warmachine, Plagueaclaw Catapult
    100 points
  • DD1 Warmachine, Doom Diver
    80 points
  • DD2 Warmachine, Doom Diver
    80 points
  • RL1 Warmachine, Rock Lobber
    85 points
  • RL2 Warmachine, Rock Lobber
    85 points
  • G Monster, Giant
    200 points
  • PW1 Chariot, Pump Wagon
    Flappas, Out-rigga, Spikey Roller
    75 points
  • PW2 Chariot, Pump Wagon
    Flappas, Out-rigga, Spikey Roller
    75 points
  • ST 6 Monsterous Infantry, Stone Trolls
    270 points
  • Total: 14510 points

High Elves + Tomb Kings

General: Loriel + Hellcannon

  • Lord
  • Tyr Cavalry (Character), Tyrion
    410 points
  • Tec Infantry (Character), Teclis
    Flaming Sword, Curse of Anhareir, Blades of Aiban, Bironas Time Warp, Dwellers Below, Harmonic Convergence, Okkams Mindrazor, Doom and Darkness
    450 points
  • Elt Monster (Character), Eltharion the Grim + Stormwing
    Lore of Beast: Wyssan Wildform , Panns impenetrable pelt
    485 points
  • Ala Infantry (Character), Alarielle
    Lore of High Magic: Drain Magic, Fiery Convocation, Lore of Life: Flesh to Stone, Dwellers Below
    350 points
  • P Monster (Character), Prince
    Star Dragon, Armour of Destiny, Star Lance, Shield, Lion Cloak
    619 points
  • AoA Monster (Character), Annointed of Asuryan
    Flamephoenix, Giant Blade, Enchanted shield
    500 points
  • King Infantry (Character), Tomb King
    Golden Death Mask of Kharnut
    230 points
  • Queen Infantry (Character), High Queen Khalida
    365 points
  • Hero
  • Car1 Infantry (Character), Caradryan
    170 points
  • Kor Infantry (Character), Korhil
    150 points
  • BSB Infantry (Character), Noble
    BSB, Dragon armor, Fury ring, Shield of Merwyrm, Golden Crown of Atrazar
    155 points
  • S1 Infantry (Character), Seahelm
    Reaver Bow
    125 points
  • H1 Infantry (Character), Handmaiden
    Horn of Isha
    145 points
  • N1 Infantry (Character), Noble
    Dragon armor, Shield
    83 points
  • N2 Cavalry (Character), Noble
    Dragon armor, Shield, Barded steed
    103 points
  • N3 Cavalry (Character), Noble
    Dragon armor, Shield, Barded steed
    103 points
  • LP Infantry (Character), Liche Priest
    Level 2 Lore of Nehekhara, Neferra's Scrolls of Mighty Incantations. Hierophant, Desert Winds, Righteous smiting
    155 points
  • H2 Infantry (Character), Herald
    85 points
  • N4 Infantry (Character), Necrotect
    60 points
  • Core
  • S2 25 Infantry, Spearmen
    Full Command
    255 points
  • S3 50 Infantry, Spearmen
    Full Command
    480 points
  • SH 19 Cavalry, Silver Helms
    Full Command, Shields
    467 points
  • A1 43 Infantry, Archers
    Full Command
    460 points
  • A2 14 Infantry, Archers
    Full Command
    170 points
  • ER1 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    Bow + Spear
    95 points
  • ER2 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    Bow + Spear
    95 points
  • ER3 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    Bow + Spear
    95 points
  • S4 26 Infantry, Seaguard
    Full Command, Shield
    342 points
  • Ske 65 Infantry, Skeleton Warriors
    Full Command
    260 points
  • SHA 10 Cavalry, Skeleton Horse Archer
    140 points
  • Arc 37 Infantry, Skeleton Archers
    Full Command
    252 points
  • Horse 15 Cavalry, Skeleton Horsemen
    180 points
  • Cha 6 Chariot, Skeleton Chariots
    Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flames
    360 points
  • Special
  • PG 32 Infantry, Phoenix Guard
    Full Command Razor Banner
    555 points
  • WL 52 Infantry, White Lions
    Full Command
    706 points
  • SoH 82 Infantry, Swordmasters of Hoeth
    Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon
    1146 points
  • DP 8 Cavalry, Dragon Princes
    Full Command
    262 points
  • TC 2 Chariot, Tiranoc Chariot
    140 points
  • S5 Chariot, Skycutter
    95 points
  • SW 9 Infantry, Shadow Warriors
    126 points
  • Car2 3 War beast, Carrions
    72 points
  • Scorp1 Monstrous Beast, Tomb Scorpion
    85 points
  • Scorp2 Monstrous Beast, Tomb Scorpion
    85 points
  • Knigh 3 Monsterous Cavalry, Necropolish Knights
    Full Command, Ebts
    240 points
  • Stalk 3 Monsterous Beast, Sepulchral Stalkers
    165 points
  • Swarm1 3 Swarm, Tomb Swarm
    120 points
  • Swarm2 2 Swarm, Tomb Swarm
    80 points
  • Rare
  • RBT War Machine, Bolt Thrower
    70 points
  • SoA 10 Infantry, Sisters of Avelorn
    150 points
  • FP1 Monster, Frosthearth Phoenix
    240 points
  • FP2 Monster, Frosthearth Phoenix
    240 points
  • GE Monsterous Beast, Great Eagle
    Swiftsense, Shredding talons
    65 points
  • Cask War Machine, Casket of Souls
    135 points
  • SSC War Machine, Screaming Skull Catapult
    Skulls of the Foe
    120 points
  • Hiero Monster, Hierotitan
    175 points
  • Total: 13466 points



- Table is 10 x 4

- We decided to keep terrain as open as possible. We placed two impassable rocks and agreed that they are high enough to block line of sights. Then for little cinmetic feeling we placed wall and town on the other end and decided that no ambusher may not enter that end.

- Then two regular hills in the middle


Forces of Order won the first drop. We decided that we are going to deploy 3 units a time. Deployment order was following:

- White Lions, Phoenix Guard, Swordmasters

- Plague Bearers, Black Orcs , Stormvermis

- Spearmen, Spearmen, Sisters

- Corsairs, Storm Vermin x 2

- Reavers x 3

- Dreadspears, Darkshards, Daemonettes

- Archers, Seaguard, Skeletal Horsemen

- Cold one knights, Black Guard, Harpies

- Tiranoc Chariots, Silver Helms, Archers

- War Hydra, Plague Drones, Giant

- Skycutter, Eagle, Skeleton Archers

- Rat Swarm, Pump wagon, Giant Rats

- Frostphoenix x 2, Dragon Prince

- Dark rider, Rat ogre, Blood letters

- Hierotitan, Carrion, Skeleton Warriors

- Wolf Rider, Stone Trolls, Big uns

- Skeleton Chariots, War Machines, Characters

- Rest of the forces of Destruction

Alarielle generated two spells from High Magic and two spells from Lore of Life: Drain Magic, Fiery Convocation, Flesh to Stone, Dwellers Below

Eltharion genrated two spells from Lore of Beast: Wyssans Wildform, Pans Inpenetrable pelt

Teclis chose 8 spells from battle magic: Flaming Sword of Rhuin, Blades of Aiban, Harmonic Convergerence, Bironas Timewarp, Okkams Mindrazor, Curse of Anhareir, Doom and Darkness, Dwellers below

Forces of Destruction won the first turn

Turn 1 - Deamons + Skavens + Dark Elves + Orcs


- Giant Fails stupidity

- Wolf Riders charge Shadow warriors, Stand and shoot and wolf riders panic and fled the table.

- Orc war boss charges ellyrian reaver, terror pass, failed charge

- Striders of Slaanesh charge Shadow Warriors

- Night Goblin Spearmen charge Shadow Warriors, Release Fanatics -> Shadow Warriors dead


- WoM 5+5 +1 PD +1DD

- Curse of da Bad Moon 5 PD. Vortex had zero effect ( I passed all the characteristic tests)

- Treason of Tzeencth 1 PD Natural Failure

- Foot of Kork 5 PD, Scroll of Hoeth -> Succesfully removed the spell also


( I don't have exact notes who shot and what but roughly:)

- Ellyrian reavers got removed, couple silver helms died, two dragon princes died, Skeleton Horse Archers got bad fibes, and hierotitan was wounded.

- Doom diver and Rock lobba jammed.


- No Close Combat


- Nothing too bad happen. Curse of the Bad Moon went through couple units, but failed to do single wound. With a little different angle it would have bounces off the table but now was left right on the edge.

Turn 1 - High Elves + Tomb Kings

Storm Banner activated: No flying, -2 to hit and 4+ to shoot with non bs shooting


- Reavers charge harpies

- Reavers charge dreadspears to make room for Silver Helms to Charge tzeench disks. Skycutter tried long charge (since it is flying) to help reavers with dread spears.

- Skeleton Horsemen charged shades

MAGIC: WoM 5+4, +3 PD +1 DD

- Enchanted Blades of Aiban to Silver Helms 2 PD (9)

- Flaming Sword of Rhuin to Silver Helms 2 PD (14)

- Righteous Smiting to Skeleton Archers 2 PD + hiero (14)

- Harmonic Convergence Swordmasters 1 PD (11)

- Wyssans Wildform to Silver Helms 3 PD (16) Dispelled (Lord of Tzeencht buffed himself with some special ability)

- Flesh to Stone to Phoenix Guard 2 PD (8) Dispelled

I was fairly confident that the bad moon would scatter of board. It didn't but luckily for me AGAIN it didn't do single wound


- Skeleton Archers with Righteous Smiting shot Black Guard and did good damage

- Due storm banner -2 shooting didn't do much, killed fanatic and couple Darkshards


- Reavers managed to broke Harpies (they were little angled so they fled the board).

- Skeleton horsemen failed to break shades.

- Dreadspears easily won reavers, but failed to catch them

- Buffed Silver Helms wiped screamers and overran to giant

Turn 2 - Deamons + Skavens + Dark Elves + Orcs

Storm Banner continued. Big Uns failed animosity


- Cold one Knights charged reavers

- Corsairs Charged horsemen

- Cold one Chariot and Daemonettes charged Silver Helm flank

- Dread Spears charged Skycutter

- Blood Thirster and Black Orcs charged Phoenix Guard

Fanatic went right through bad moon vortex unharmed :D

MAGIC: WoM 1+1 +2 PD

- Chill wind to archers 1 PD -> Dispelled

- Frenzy to Corsairs 1 PD

- Enfeeble Foe to Skeleton Warriors 2 PD

This time Curse of the Bad moon scattered off the table and did damage. It killed 7 archers.


- Shooting was really underwhelming some damage to spearmen, but other than that no real damage. If I remember correctly many of warmachines missfired and failed to launch due Stormbanner.


- Silver Helms killed giant and did good damage to opponents due Flaming Sword and Blades of Aiban and overrun run charge bonus. They lost the battle slightly but managed to break without big harm.

- Skycutter broke with low roll but so did dread spears also pursue very low distance.

Phoenix Guard vs. Bloodthirster + Black Orcs Immortalz

- Phoenix Guard champion issued a challenge and Orc champion took it. Phoenix Guard Champion killed the orc.

- Grimgor used make way to place him in basecontact with Korhil. Grimgor killed Korhil while Korhil failed to deliver killing blow to orc general.

- Bloodthirster NARROWLY killed my BSB! Crown of Attrazar and Shield of Merwyn managed to save 4 wounds out of 6.

- My Phoenix guard did really good damage to Orcs and in return my Phoenix Guard ward saves went little better than average.

- Battle was draw after all resolution including downhill charge!

Turn 2 - High Elves + Tomb Kings

Storm Banner wore off (HUGE relief)

NOW this turn realy needs some explanation to make sense.

I also realised that my list is imcomplete SINCE there was some lone elf running around with some epic bow :D I am not complete sure if that elf started the game in corsair unit etc.


- Chariot + Skeleton Warrior charge: Technically this charge was suprisingly put illegal. For the chariots there was no way of making the charge so that enemy would close door due the placement of corsairs, shades and that one loner elf. (also that blackguard unit was actually closer to the combat that it is in the picture :( However due the sportmanship and common sense our opponent allowed us to do the charge and we nudged the shades minimum ammount to make enough room for the charge to be possible. earlier last turn We actually gave them option to retract corsair frenzy charge as my opponent didn't realize/remember that frenzy is forced overrun and that charge exposed corsairs flank right to the skeleton warrior block.

- Carrion Charged a lone elf that I haven't add to the game detail :D

- Large Spearmen block charged giant rats.

- Swordmaster overrun also needs little explaining. The ratswarm had to close the door because Swordmasters were jammed by blood thirster and white lion block.

- Annointed and Spearman block charged goblin spears.

- Eltharin and great eagle charged Dreadspears

- Silver Helms rallied, Skycutter didn't and fled the table.

Both Scorpions, stalkers and Necropolish Knights emerged. Tomb Swarms were delayed.

MAGIC WoM 6+6 +2 DD

- Flaming Sword of Rhuin to Phoenix Guard 2 PD (2) natural fail (Teclis was out)

- Righteous Smiting to Chariots 3 PD (14) Dispelled

- Flesh to Stone to Phoenix Guard 2 PD (8) Dispelled

- Casket 5 PD Dispelled


- Catapult missfired and destroyed

- Warpfire thrower, Fanatic, Both Pump Wagons, couple daemonettes, witch elves and cold one knights killed.

Close Combat:

- Chariots and skeleton warriors caught corsairs.

- Carriorns failed to kill lone elf.

- Large spearman block broke the gian rats. I tried to restrain pursuit but failed to roll and overrun right in to Hydra and exposed my flank to stormvermins.

- Sword Masters easily destroyed rat swarm and because sisters had cleared the pump wagon in front of them they overran to Plague bearers.

- Phoenix Guard + Frostphoenix managed to break both Blood Thirster and Black orcs and they caught them.

- Spearmen + Annointed managed to break Night Gobln spears and another night goblin unit broke off the table after that, causing panic in warmachines also.

- Eltharion and Great eagle managed to break steadfast Dreadspears and caught them.

- Spearmen + Annointed managed break goblin spears, as a result goblin archers paniced and fled the table.

Turn 3 - Deamons + Skavens + Dark Elves + Orcs

Big Uns failed animocity.


- Double charge from black guard and cold one knights to Skeleton Chariots

- Stormvermins charged spearmen flank.

- Stormvermins charged carrions

- Trolls charged swordmaster flank

- Dreadlord charged White Lions (remember this was illegal 7th edition unkillable dreadlord with the reverse ward + good armor stubborn)

- Repeater xBows charged silverhelms

- Cold one Chariot + Wyvern boss charged Annointed

- Rat ogres charged tomb scorpion.

- Bloodletters reformed, herald went of the unit to get tomb scoprion.

MAGIC: WoM 3+2 +3 DD +3 PD (good channels)

- Skaven Magic that deny fly 3 PD dispelled 3 DD

- Black Horror 5 PD failed to dispel. It killed couple silverhelms and phoenix guard.


- Big round for shooting, both goblin catapults killed Frost Phoenix with direct hits

- Plague Catapult missfired and was destroyed

- Both Star Dragon and Prince received wounds

- Necroplosih knight killed by reaper throwers


- Annointed killed chariot, but lost the combat still and fled. Wyvern didn't catch.

- Silverhelms managed to do couple wounds and won the combat and broke the repeaters and caught them.

- Rat Ogres anhilated tomb scorpions but overrun was snake eyes.

- Banner of the World dragon saved ton of Swordmasters, but so did regneration. I managed to kill the babysitting goblin from trolls and trolls broke combat and couple Plaguebearers died as result of Daemonic Instability

- Hydra + Stormvermins broke spearmen and they fled long distance.

- Stormvermins killed carrions (lone elf is sitll standing)

- Chariots are destroyed, Cold ones first overan (it was REALLY close that they would have caught the spearmen) Black Guards overrun was too short. About inch more they would have gotten away from Skeleton warriors front arc.

Turn 3 - High Elves + Tomb Kings


- Tiranoc Chariots and Seaguard Charged Orc Warboss on Wyvern.

- Spearmen took long charge to doom diver

- Silver Helms charged doom diver

- Tomb Scorpion charged rocklobba

- Phoenix guard + Star Dragon Charged rat ogres

- Skeleton Warriors Charged Black Guards rear

- Hierotitan and Necropolis Knights charged Storm Vermins

Both EBTS swarms entered the battle, but one got shigting sands. Spearmen and Annointed fled the table.

MAGIC: WoM 1+1 +3 PD +2 DD

Teclis Activates scrolls

- Harmonic Convergence to Swordmasters 1 PD (+1PD) successfull

- Enchanted Blades to (I dont have it on my notes :D ) 1 PD +1 PD succesfull

- Curse of Anhareir to Blood Letters 1 PD +1 PD

- Flaming Sword of Rhuin 1 PD + 1PD, dispelled

- Doom and Darkness to Plague bearers 1 PD + 1PD failed


NOW I don't really know what happened here. Clock was something like 4 am and we had allready played over 12 hours. I prolly shot plague monks to their deaths or witch elves. I don't even have pictures anymore nor video materials to watch what really happend. It is also likely that I managed to kill weapon team. Or that Lone elf perhaps?


- Wyvern broke and I restrained pursuit with Seaguards.

- Ratogres were destroyed.

- Something like couple plague bearers survived this round

- Blackguards were killed and skeleton warriors overan off board.

- Tomb Scorpion failed to overrun to another rock lobba

Turn 4 - Deamons + Skavens + Dark Elves + Orcs


- Witch Elves charged stalkers

- Cold one Knights charged Hierotitan

- Khorne Herald charged Tomb Scorpion

- Plague Drones charged Chariot

- Triple charge against Seaguards

MAGIC: WoM 5+4 +1 DD

- Bolt of Tzeentch to Star Dragon 3 PD little wound and gives 6+ rege

- Blue Fire of Tzeentch 2 PD Dispelled

- Infernal Gateway 5 PD IF dimensional cascade but Lord of Change survived. This did little damage I think it was against the Star Dragon


- Prince on dragon died due bolt and rock lobba reduced Star Dragons health to 1.

- Skull Cannon killed Eltharion and Stormwing with one shot.


- Cold ones and Witch Elves easily killed their targets.

- Herald killed Tomb Scorpion

- Plague Drones killed chariots and overran to Teclis archers!

- Swordmasters finished Plague Bearers

- White Lions Caradryan and the Dreadlord actually had a Challenge the whole time. Now dread lord managed to kill Caradryan and WITH the Mark of Asuryan special rule Caradryan killed the Dreadlord! What an absolutely epic way to end that battle!

- Seaguards remained with some miracle steadfast and hold their ground.

Turn 4 - High Elves + Tomb Kings


- Swarm charged reaper

- Dragon Princes and White Lions charged Stormvermins

- Swordmaster charged Pink Horrors

- Stardragon (without the prince charged rock lobba)

- Spearmen tried to charge chukka

- Sisters and smaller archers unit flanked Plague Drones

- Great eagle tried to help Seaguard

MAGIC: WoM 5+3 +3 PD +2DD

- Enchanted Blades to Archers 2 PD (natural fail with snake eyes) Apparently Teclis was harassed by those bloated flies!

- Righteous Smiting to Archers 3 PD (16) dispell failed

- Fiery Convocation to Stormvermins 6 PD it destroyed over half of the unit


- Probably insignificant since I only had RBT


- Swarms destroyed reaper

- Dragon Princes and White Lions broke and caught the Stormvermins

- Swordmasters destroyed pink horror unit

- Sisters and smaller archer unit managed to get enough wounds to kill 2 drones and Teclis was safe.

- Seaguard was caught

- AND the big one. The single wound star dragon was killed by Rock Lobba crew member!

My opponents decided to yield at this point. Glorious victory for Order coalition and excellent way to end 8th.

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