Empire vs. High Elves


Scenario: Battleline
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 10. huhtikuuta 2015


- 2400 point game

- Fixed battleline. No roll for scenario

- Warhammer Rulebook 8th, official FAQ v 1.9 ( 50% characters)

- Warhammer: High Elves 8th

- Warhammer: Empire 8th

- Hidden lists, visible equiptment and upgrades must be declared

- Proxies allowed, no wysiwyg

- No End Times rules.

- Buildings couldn't be garrisoned and is treated impassable terrain

- Drain magic doesn't drain lore attributes

- Shield of Saphery gives both 6+ ward and increase conditional ward

LORE: Battle of Geldern

Leo the Untouchable still holds thin thread of life. None of Loriel's seer nor mages couldn't help the revered White Lion captain. A mysterious stranger told a story about a hole place deep inside Empires territory, a place of rebirth and death. According to stranger a chappel dedicated to Shallya goddess of Healing and Mercy had a power to rewind threads of life and change the destiny of men. Disspite huge opposition from the court Loriel ordered his forces on a long march. Not only this journey would took them deep in to the main land, a long way from the sea it was also personal provice of Emperor Karl Franz. Loriel could only though that it is fitting to face the same opponent that made Leo reveved among the asur and again his legend is at stake.


General: Ptx

  • Lord
  • KF Monster (Character), Karl Franz
    585 points
  • Mage Infantry (Character), Battle Wizard Lord
    Dispel Scroll, level 3, Lore of Heavens
    190 points
  • Hero
  • ME1 Infantry (Character), Master Engineer
    65 points
  • ME2 Infantry (Character), Master Engineer
    65 points
  • Pries Cavalry (Character), Warrior Priest
    Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armor, Barded Warhorse
    88 points
  • Core
  • ICK 14 Cavalry, Inner Circle Knights
    Full Command, Steel Standard
    415 points
  • A 10 Infantry, Archers
    70 points
  • H 13 Infantry, Handgunners
    117 points
  • Special
  • O1 5 Cavalry, Outriders
    105 points
  • O2 5 Cavalry, Outriders
    105 points
  • O3 5 Cavalry, Outriders
    105 points
  • Rare
  • Hell1 Warmachine, Helblaster Volley Gun
    120 points
  • Hell2 Warmachine, Helblaster Volley Gun
    120 points
  • ST Chariot, Steam Tank
    250 points
  • Total: 2400 points

High Elves

General: Loriel

  • Lord
  • A1 Cavalry (Character), Archmage
    Level 4. Lore of High Magic, Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Preservation, barbed steed
    347 points
  • BSB Cavalry (Character), Noble
    BSB, Barded steed, Dragon armor, Shield, Lance, Fury ring, Dawnstone
    178 points
  • Core
  • A2 14 Infantry, Archers
    140 points
  • ER1 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    80 points
  • ER2 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    80 points
  • SH 12 Cavalry, Silver Helms
    Full Command, shield
    306 points
  • Special
  • DP 15 Cavalry, Dragon Princes
    Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon
    515 points
  • S Chariot, Skycutter
    95 points
  • SoH 5 Infantry, Swordmasters of Hoeth
    65 points
  • TC Chariot, Tiranoc Chariot
    70 points
  • WoC 11 Infantry, Whitelions of Chrace
    143 points
  • Rare
  • RBT1 War Machine, Bolt Thrower
    70 points
  • RBT2 War Machine, Bolt Thrower
    70 points
  • FP Monster, Frosthearth Phoenix
    240 points
  • Total: 2399 points


Terrain was randomized as BRB 8th page 142, My opponent won the first terrain placement pick and order was following:

- River

- Blessed Bulwark

- Wall

- Blazing Barricade

- Forest

- Grail Chapel

I won the table side pick ( I didn't take the other side since I allready was settled on this side of the table ;) allthough in retrospective I probably should have taken it. My opponent won first deployment. Deployment order was following:

- Outriders ( right)

- Reavers ( left)

- Outriders (left)

- Reavers ( right)

- Handgunners

- Swordmasters

- Warmachines

- White Lions

- Stank

- Chariot

- Inner circle knights

- Skycutter

- Outriders (middle)

- Warmachines

- Empire Characters

- Rest of the High Elves

Battle Wizard Lord generated 2 , 3 and 4 and swapped windblast to signature. He had curse of midnight winds and urannos thunderbolr

My Archmage generated 1 , 2 , 3 and 6. I swapped fiery convocation to Drain magic and kept apotheosis, hand of glory and walk between worlds.

I won vanguard move and moved reavers to forest, he made slight changes to list and I moved another reaver unit.

My opponent won the first turn roll.

Turn 1 - Empire

Steam tank took 3 steam points and used 1 dice to move. Other than that his forces didn't move much

MAGIC: 4+2 +1 PD

- Upgraded urannos thunderbolt to Frost phoenix 5 PD ( 20 ) 4 DD dispell ( 19 rr ) It did total 4 wounds on the phoenix

- Upgraded iceshard blizzard to bolt thrower 2 PD ( 9 ) failed to cast


His outriders 1 shot reavers and killed 2 of them causing a panic. My reavers fled through the phoenix, which subsequently paniced and flew off the board. Outriders 2 shot other reaver unit and killed one. Outriders 3 shot chariot doing total 3 wounds. Steam Tank tried to destroy bolt thrower with a cannon, but missifred and received 1 wound. Thanks to grail chappel he regenerated one wound.

Turn 1 - High Elves

A charge to Reavers, none of them died on stand and shoot, but dangerous terrain test killed one.

MAGIC: 4+2 , no channels

- Drain magic 2 PD ( 8 rr ), dispelled 2 DD

- Hand of glory 2 PD ( 13 ) , failed to dispel 2 DD

- Apotheosis 1 PD ( 10 ) , dispel scroll

- Walk Between Worlds 1 PD ( 9 rr )


I multiple shot outriders 1 and managed to cause panic with them, but sadly inner circle knights holded their nerves. I shot 14 archer shots to outriders 3 and they all died. RBT tried to wound steam tank, but failed.


Reavers vs. Outriders

I managed to do 3 str 4 wounds, but he saved them all with roll of 6. He did no wounds back, I won the combat by one but with the help of Emperors 24 inch inspiring precence they holded. I reformed to gain another horse attack.


Ok this was one of the weirdest moments in my recent warhammer history. At the end of my opponent turn I said to my brother that did you notice that your outriders are baby sitting that steamtank. And I was fairly happy with the idea that steam tank would be "denied" on the other side of the grail chappel etc. Because of this I though that naturally I can move with those dragon princes and use walk between worlds without any problem, but when shooting came I totally forgot this and just shot them with those archers. Even 1 would die he could remove the far left model and let the Steam Tank turn without problem. But those arhcers just killed them all instead.

I could have charged those outriders 3 flank with reavers, but they would have most likely simply fled, then propably try redirecting etc. But at the start of turn I remembered that they are babysitting that tank. Again I have no idea why an earth I moved that chariot there... Just to give him points. well nevertheless this was how I did the turn and in retrospective though that many things should have being done differently.

My opponent wanted to use dispel scroll on apotheosis to give maximum odd for hellblasters to show their superiority.

I also forgot that I had fury ring on the BSB. It would have being good spell to use in during this turn to hand gunners or archer block.

Turn 2 - Empire

My opponent had really hard decicion to make, but the decided to try for the rear steam tank, frontal innercircle knight combat.

Steam tank generated 4 points and used 3d6 to make the move. He needed 13 to complete the charge and rolled couple inches short

MAGIC: 5+2 + 1 DD

- Curse of midnight winds to Dragon Princes 3 PD ( 10 ) 3 DD dispelled

- Iceshard blizzard 2 PD ( 8 ) 2 DD dispelled

- 5+ Ward save buff ( Shield of sigmar? ) 2 PD ( 8 ) 1 DD dispelled


His handgunners and hellblasters did total 9 wounds on white lions (saveed total 8 including the regeneration save from chappel) but they paniced.


Reavers did 2 wound ( 0 saved ) and received 2 wounds ( 0 saved) so combat was draw.

Inner Circle Knights vs. Dragon Princes

My archmage called a challenge and his Warrior priest took it. Archmage managed to wound the bastard and survived without a scratch.

- Dragon Princes + Noble did 2 ounds ( 6 saved) and received 4 wounds ( 4 saved) My champion was also allocated single attack that killed him.

I lost the combat by 1 and holded. We both wanted to reform, he won the roll and reformed little wider formation so that Silver Helms wouldn't ge tin to the flank. I also widened my formation to gain more attacks.

Turn 2 - High Elves

Thanks to wider formation my swordmasters managed to do the charge in to the flank of Knights. I tried long charge with chariot to hellblaster. My lions rallied.

MAGIC: 4+3 +1 DD

- Drain Magic 2 PD ( 14 )

- Walk Between Worlds to chariot 2 PD ( 11 RR ) ( We discussed about the failed charge + magical movement and how would that rule interract with each other )

- Apotheosis 1 PD ( 10 ) 2 DD dispel failed (lost the modifier), I healed 1 wound from chariot

- Upgraded Hand of Glory 2 PD ( 9 ) 3 DD dispel


Both my Bolt throwers tried to single shot Karl, but failed. My archers did one wound on hellblaster.


Reaver did 0 wounds and received 0 ( 1 saved ) (Could this be another Untouchable legend!)

Steam Tank didn't receive any wounds from charge.

Dragon Princes / Silver Helms / Swordmasters vs. Inner Circle Knights

- Challenge between Archmage and Warrior priest continues, but neither side managed to do any wounds.

- Dragon Princes + Noble did 2 Wound ( 10 saved ) and received 0 (2 saved )

- Silver Helms did 2 wounds ( 4 saved) and received 0

- Swordmasters did 0 wounds (2 saved) and receive 1 ( 0 saves )

My opponent lost the combat by 7 and breaks. As a result hand gunners failed test and fled through the board causing panic test in rest of the units, but saddly none of them failed. I decided to restrain pursuit with Dragon princes. He rolled 10 flee, I rolled 7 with Helms and 6 with swordmasters


- I am happy that I was able to CC steam tank again. Now he is bound in CC during his own turn.

Turn 3 - Empire

Steam tank used 5 Steam points and suvived. 3 D grind attack and Skycutter died exactly with 4 wounds (saved 2 with chappel)

Karl Franz tried long charge to Silver Helms flank, but failed it.


-Thunder bolt to Chariot 3 PD ( 12 ) 3 DD dispelled

-Icesahrd to Silver Helms 2 PD ( 12 ) 3 DD dispell failed ( 10 rr )

-Reroll to wound prayer 1 PD, success

- 5+ ward prayer 2 PD, success


Archers did one wound on swordmasters . Steam tank missfire and received 2 W. Hellblaster shot Silver Helms 18 hits / 8 Wounds / 6 past armor. Panic test failed and they fled long and couple died from dangerous terrain to reduce the unit below 25% of starting size. Other hellblaster finished chariot.


Outriders finished the reaver. Sadly another Untoachable story wasn't born in this battle field.

Turn 3 - High Elves

1 Dragon prince died to dangerous terrain.

MAGIC: 4+3, no channels

- Apotheosis 2 PD ( 15 )

- Drain Magic 3 PD ( 16 ) 4 PD dispel

- Walk Between World to white lions 1 PD (8)

- Hand of Glory to Princes 1 PD ( 11 rr ) +3 WS

SHOOTING: My archers killed outriders, I tried flank shot the knights and single shot Karl Franz.


- Dragon Princes received 1 wound from the archers! Archers broke I purused in hope of getting a 5 or 6 (that would have got me in to base conatct with that mage) but it didn't. He fled of the board though.


- My opponent made a "mistake" leaving the mage in line of overrun. Truth be told He didn't consider that I could maximise my charge the far right corner thus making the left corner clipping to him. On the other hand if he would have brought the mage more the left that Bolt Thrower would have gotten nice 6 shot line against it. I also made one bad mistake with babysitting reavers. I totally should have place them sideways looking to the left or right so they could have charge the hellblaster next turn.

Turn 4 - Empire

Steam Tank generated 3 Steam points, failed the roll and as result lost 2 of them.

Karl Franz charged the flank of the Dragon Princes. Inner Circle Knights charged the swordmaster speed bump.

MAGIC: 2 + 2 no channels

- Iceshard blizzard to princes 2 PD ( nat failure )

- Ward to Knights 2 PD ( 4 ) 2 DD dispel


He used steam tank breath weapon and failed to do any wounds with it. His hellblaster missfired once and did only 1 wound to white lions, which caused them to panic and as a result the other died for dangerous terrain test. My notes doesn't mention what exactly happened to reavers but they must had survived this time since they babysitted the stank in next empire turn. Perhaps the other hellblaster missifre too, rolled really low. they were under cover so perhaps those reavers just survived the blows.


Swordmasters did 0 wounds (4 saved) and died. He didn't overrun.

Karl Franz issued a challenge and I declined it, he bounced my BSB off. ( Saddly my champion was dead from as result of the battle with the knights.)

Fear passed, Karl didn't do single wound due banner of the world dragon and deathclaw also failed to deliver. I did 2 wounds with tons of str 3 attacks to deathclaw and won the combat by couple points but saddly due the Hold the Lines he survived! I reformed as victor to better position.


- I had a good feeling about this as I got better static resolution, my turn was coming up, Deathclaw was still at 3 wounds ready to give me combat resolution to break the bastard.

Turn 4 - High Elves

Silver Helms didn't rally and fled off the board. I turned the reavers around so that they could charge the hellblaster next turn.

MAGIC: 6+3

- Drain Magic 2 PD (10 rr ) 2 DD dispelled

- Walk Between Worlds to reavers 2 PD ( 11 ) I didn't move them

- Hand of Glory (only ws) 2 PD ( 10 ), 2 DD dispel failed +3 WS

- Apotheosis 2 PD ( 13 ) healed the BSB wound that it received earlier. (from dangerous terrain actually if my memory serves me right)


Archers tried to kill hellblaster without any luck. Boltthrower did 1 wound to mage and other missed.


- Dragon Princes every attacks including mounts (total 16 attacks) hits and I didn't roll single 6 on wounds. Funnily enough I rolled 7 x 6 on to hit roll. Lady dices taunted me.

- Karl Franz didn't do no wounds (again due banner) and death wing couldn't get past 5+ armor and 3+ ward.

I wont the combat by 3 due static, and he again with the help of hold the line survived. The thing that makes me sad is that if he would have received 1 wound to claw he would broke from combat. Allthough that would have being about 50% chance to catch the bastard and if I failed both hellblasters would had a good time.

Turn 5 - Empire

I didn't take note of his steam points, probably 3 and he didn't move with them that is for sure.

His mage was in a way of the knights so he was forced to take charged with the mage too.

MAGIC: 5+3

- Iceshard blizzard 3 PD ( 12 ) 3 DD dispelled

- Curse of Midnight wind 3 PD ( 11 ) 2 DD dispelled


Hellblasters shot the reavers? prolly.


- Karl Franz issued a challenge and I decided to take it with BSB. He had better chance of surviving against deathclaw with dawnstoned 5+ armor and 3+ ward and 2+ ward agains karls attacks. As the mage would have being much worse against the deathclaw.

I directed all the attacks I could to the mage, then the attacks that I could to warrior priest (he was 1 wound left) and rest to the unit.

Battle wizard died with 1 execc wound (no combat resolution). BSB managed to wound the deathclaw. My dragon Princes did 1 wound to knights. Karl Franz managed to do 2 wounds and I rolled double 1 with banner save. Luckily he didn't get any multiple wounds though so no overkill. His knights did only 2 wound to me rest was saved. I lost the combat still by alot (rears, charges) and broke. He managed to catch me.

Turn 5 - High Elves

I moved archers right out of hellblaster sight and shot thousand shot against the karl franz, and tried to single shot it with both bolt throwers no luck.

Turn 6 - Empire

He generated 0 SP

Turn 6 - High Elves

I tried to shoot the hellblaster with archers and leftmost bolthtrower, and with the right bt I tried 6 shot ICK for panic test.

Game was over and I lost the battle 2369 - 822

It was good game, we both enjoyed it. I also liked the fact that my opponent won the battle eventhough the numbers were stacking against him couple times.


When Loriel saw the rear charge from the knights he though was destroyed, his spirit simple faded away and he summoned enourmous ethereal portal that allowed him and couple of his trusted Dragon Princes to escape. Loriel felt bad for the militia left behind. It was told that Karl Franz had the left over elves to be crucified near the chappel . It was said that the chappels power resurrected them over and over again to agony and pain. Some say that Karl ordered to finish them off completely after three days, some say order never was issued. Loriel knew in his heart that this attrocity will be paid. He will personally make sure that Karl will suffer the same fate!

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