Vampire Counts vs. High Elves


Scenario: Battleline
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 4. huhtikuuta 2015

My opponent made video battle report of the match. It is in finnish


- 2400 point game

- Fixed battleline. No roll for scenario

- Warhammer Rulebook 8th, official FAQ v 1.9 ( 50% characters)

- Warhammer: High Elves 8th

- Warhammer: Vampire Counts 8th

- Hidden lists, visible equiptment and upgrades must be declared

- Proxies allowed

- No End Times rules.

- Drain magic doesn't drain lore attributes

- Shield of Saphery gives both 6+ ward and increase conditional ward

- ASF vs ASF+ASL , attackers gets reroll


Loriel's forces buried the beastmen hordes in couple pits. As they were trying to set them on fire suddenly two powerfull Vampire Lords encountered them and started to reanimate the beastmen hordes. It didn't take long time for those Vampires to gather really enourmous horde of skeleton warriors. Loriel ordered his army immediately intercept the Vampires, before those lords would gain upperhand on this region!

Vampire Counts

General: Oniichar

  • Lord
  • VL1 Infantry (Character), Vampire Lord
    General, Level 4. Lore of Vampire, Curse of Revenant, Dread Knight, Quickblood, Shield, Armour of Destiny, Dispel Scroll, Dragonbane Gem
    504 points
  • VL2 Infantry (Character), Vampire Lord
    Level 4 Lore of Death, Curse of Revenant, Dread Knight, Flying Horror, Heavy Armor, Shield, Taliman of Preservation, Dragon Helm, Power Stone
    503 points
  • Hero
  • V Infantry (Character), Vampire
    Level 2, Lore of Shadow, Dread Knight, Quickblood, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Strife, Heavy armor
    231 points
  • TB Infantry (Character), Tomb Banshee
    95 points
  • Core
  • SW 99 Infantry, Skeleton Warriors
    Banner, spear
    505 points
  • DW1 7 Warbeast, Dire Wolves
    56 points
  • DW2 7 Warbeast, Dire Wolves
    56 points
  • Rare
  • T1 Monster, Terrorgheist
    225 points
  • T2 Monster, Terrorgheist
    225 points
  • Total: 2400 points

High Elves

General: Loriel

  • Lord
  • A1 Infantry (Character), Archmage
    Level 4. Lore of High Magic, Book of Hoeth, Golden Crown of Atrazar, Fencer's Blades
    320 points
  • AoA Infantry (Character), Annointed of Asuryan
    Giant Blade, Enchanted shield, Luckstone
    280 points
  • Hero
  • BSB Infantry (Character), Noble
    BSB, Dragon armor, Fury ring, Shield of Merwyrm
    145 points
  • Core
  • SH 12 Cavalry, Silver Helms
    Banner, Musician, Shield
    296 points
  • A2 15 Infantry, Archers
    150 points
  • ER1 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    80 points
  • ER2 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    80 points
  • Special
  • PG 20 Infantry, Phoenix Guard
    Full Command Razor Banner
    375 points
  • WL 27 Infantry, White Lions
    Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon
    431 points
  • Rare
  • FP Monster, Frosthearth Phoenix
    240 points
  • Total: 2397 points



Terrain was randomized as BRB 8th page 142, I won the first terrain placement pick and order was following:

- Charnel Pit (on the right)

- Settlement of Destruction, 1 Building, 2 Fences and Charnel Pit (middle)

- Pond

- Forest

- Building

- Fence

DEPLOYMENT: I won both table edge choice and but Oniichar won the first deployment

- Terrorgheist ( on left)

- White Lions

- Terror Gheist ( on right)

- Reavers (right)

- Skeleton warriors

- Reavers (left)

- Direwulfs (left)

- Frosthearth Phoenix

- Direwulfs (right)

- Silver Helms

- Characters

- Rest of Helf

His level 4 lore of Vampire generated ( 1 , 1 , 5 , 5 ) and He took Danse, Helisvigor (choice from 1), Invication of Nehek(substitue 5) and Gaze of Nagash (choice of 5)

His level 4 lore of Death vampire generated ( 2 , 2 , 4 , 6 ) and ended up with Spirit Leech (swapped doom and darkness to signature) Cares of Laniph, Fate of Bjuna (choice) and Purple Sun

His level 2 lore of Shadow vampire generated ( 4 , 5 ). He swapped pendulum to miasma and kept the pit os shadows

My archmage generated ( 1 , 2 , 4 , 6 ) And I swapped tempest to Drain magic and kept the rest.

My opponent won the vanguards and moved direwulf 1 max. I didn't make vanguard with my Ellyrian reavers so I could make a charge with them if I would get the first turn. His other wulfs explored mysterious pond and it turned out to be just regular pond. My opponent won the first turn roll.


- Two charnel pits made me worry. I don't know why my opponent placed those fences like that but we ended up thinking that it was some kind of dog race track etc ;) I hoped for walk between worlds as ifI would get first turn with any luck I could have parked the White Lions right infront of skeleton warriors and he couldn't get the regeneration. I think my opponent made crucial mistake placing those wolves on the other flank. He definately should have brough them to middle section for redirection.

Turn 1 - Vampire Counts

MAGIC: WoM 4 + 3 , +1 DD

- Gaze of Nagash to Phoenix Guard 2 PD ( 13 ), 11 hits -> 8 Wounds -> 3 saves total 5 dead Phoenix Guard

- Pit of Shadows 5 PD ( 15 ), dispelled with 5 DD ( 22 )''

SHOOTING: 4 Archer and 2 Reavers died due Terrorgheist. Tomb Banshee wasn't at range.

Turn 1 - High Elves

I made double charge to Terrogheist, Silver Helms needed 9 and Frosthearth needed 7, both passed. Reavers needed 6 to complete charge and they managed too. Other reaver unit went through the Fungus Forest and one dangerous terrain was failed

MAGIC: WoM 5+3 +1 PD

- Drain Magic 2 PD ( rr 10 )

- Apotheosis 1 PD ( 9 )

- Fury Ring 11 PD ( 5 ) dispel natural failed

- Hand of Glory on White Lion 1 PD ( 8 ) dispelled

- Fiery Convocation 4 PD ( rr 24 ), dispel scrolled

SHOOTING: Archers did one wound on Terrorgheist

CLOSE COMBAT: Reavers failed fear test and managed to only 1 wound and received 1. Combat was won by 1 due charge. Reavers Reformed. Silver Helms feared also and managed to do only 2 hits and Gheist saved one with 6+ reg. Frosthearth phoenix hit with each attack ,but rolled three ones and 1 wound. Elven steed managed to do the decisive wound and Terrorgheist crumbled exactly the 3 as it failed to do any wounds on helms.

Turn 2 - Vampire Counts

MAGIC 4+1, no channels

- Upgraded miasma to White Lions 3 PD ( IF ) reduced stats by 1. Miscast was dimensional cascade and total 20 skeletons died and the mage was sucked in to vortex.

- Purple sun 2 PD + Power Stone ( 18 ) , 4 DD ( rr 20 ) dispelled

SHOOTING: No damage from gheist nor banshee

CLOSE COMBAT: Reavers did couple wounds and received 1 and managed to crumble rest of the wulfs. Frosthearth phoenix failed to do single wound on banshee, but the banshee was crumbled by 1 from charge.

Turn 2 - High Elves

I failed the Charge with White Lions by 1, so the miasma affected this outcome greatly.

MAGIC: 6+4 + 1 DD

- Drain Magic 2 PD ( 12 )

- Apotheosis to reaver 2 PD ( rr 15 )

- Hand of Glory to Phoenix Guard 4 PD ( 18 ) , 7 DD dispel


Archers failed to do wound but holded due steadfast. My opponent didn't reform as he wanted to have the front arc to this direction.

Phoenix Guard / Reavers vs. Skeletons

- Phoenix guard champion challenged and Vampire Lord accepted it. Champion did 0 wounds and received 2 ( saved 1 )

- Phoenix guard did 6 wounds ( 3 reg saves ) and received 1 wounds ( saved 0 )

- Reavers did 0 wounds ( 1 reg save ) and received 1

I won the combat by 8 and total 14 skeleton warriors crumbled (crumble + wounds)

Turn 3 - Vampire Counts

MAGIC 4+1 +1 PD

- Purple sun 6 PD ( 24 ) 4 DD failed to to dispel. Almost every whitelion was touched by the sun, but only one failed initiative test. My Archmage failed look out sir and then initiative test. No PD was returned by lore attribute.

SHOOTING: No damage


Phoenix guard / Reaver vs. Skeleton warriors

(We played this part wrong, the vampire had dreadknight power so he should have issued challenge, but neither of us remembered it during the battle. I realized it when I did this report)

- Phoenix guard did 11 wounds ( 2 reg saves ) and received 3 ( 3 saved ), Way over average as only one attack didn't wound ;)

- Reaver did 1 wound ( 0 saves) but also received 1.

I won the combat by 8 and total 20 skeletons were killed this combat round.


- Losing the mage this way was ofcourse heart breaking, but it give my opponent glimpse of hope. I was fairly confident that I could generate the victory regardless.

Turn 3 - High Elves

White Lion couldn't make the charge due impassable charnel pit, but I decided to charge with Annointed only. I swift reformed lions and protected the rear of Phoenix guard from Terrorgheist

MAGIC: Wo M , 5+1

- Dispelled purple sun with 6 Dice


- Annointed issued challenge and Vampire Lord accepted it. Annointed did 1 Wound ( 1 ward saved ) and received 0 ( 1 armor saved )

- Phoenix Guard did 5 wounds ( 2 reg saved ) and received 0

- Silver Helms did 7 wounds ( 3 reg saved ) and received 1 ( 3 armor saved )

- Reavers did 2 Wounds ( 1 Reg saved) and received 0

- Frosthearth Phoenix did 4 wounds ( 1 reg saved ) and received 0 ( 1 armor saved )

I won the combat by 24 and he lost total 39 skeletons and was reduced to only 7 wide. We weren't complete sure how this situation should be handled as both Silver Helms and Phoenix would have nudged in front of the other. We concluded to use Sequencing rule (BRB page 10 ) and as it was my turn I chose to move Phoenix first. I reformed silverhelms to dart so they could possible do charge in to rear again if needed.

Turn 4 - Vampire Counts

MAGIC: WoM 5+1 , no channels

- Purple sun 6 PD ( 14 ) natural failure (4 ones! )

SHOOTING: 2 Phoenix guard died


- Annointed did 2 wounds ( 0 saves) and received 0 wounds

- Phownix Guard did 5 wounds ( 1 reg save)

- Reavers did 0 wounds and received 1.

- Frosthearth Phoenix was basecontacted by Vampire Lord so his attacks were wasted

I won the combat and his general crumbled to dust. I managed to turn reform my army to face his vampire lord and it was going to be my turn next. My opponent decided to yield at this point to conserve time.

Final score was 2525 - 400.


- This was really fun game. I think I had the upperhand on the battle but this could have turned around just any moment. My opponent managed to use Charnel Pit 13 regeneration saves which means actual 26 saved models due decreased crumble. My opponent took video footage of the battle and said that he is going to make a video battle report out of this battle so I will post a link if and when he manages to do it ;)

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