Beastmen vs. High Elves


Scenario: Battleline
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 3. huhtikuuta 2015


- 2400 point game

- Fixed battleline. No roll for scenario

- Warhammer Rulebook 8th, official FAQ v 1.9 ( 50% characters)

- Warhammer: High Elves 8th

- Warhammer: Beastmen 7th

- Hidden lists, visible equiptment and upgrades must be declared

- Proxies allowed

- No End Times rules.

- Drain magic doesn't drain lore attributes

- Shield of Saphery gives both 6+ ward and increase conditional ward

- Walk Between World can move fleeing unit (rolled for it)


Loriel returned to his main army. He joined his trusted White Lions to encounter very dangerous beastman army lead by notorious Slugtongue.


General: Turri

  • Hero
  • S Infantry (Character), Slugtongue
    Lore of Wild Magic
    190 points
  • Bull Monsterous Infantry (Character), Gorebull
    Additional handweapon, Battle Standard Bearer, Totem of Rust, Gnarled Hide
    255 points
  • Shama2 Chariot (Character), Bray-Shaman
    Level 2, Lore of Shadow, Dispel Scroll
    135 points
  • Core
  • Tusk1 Chariot, Tuskgor Chariot
    80 points
  • Tusk2 Chariot, Tuskgor Chariot
    80 points
  • Gor 38 Infantry, Gor Herd
    Additional Hand Weapon, Full Command
    329 points
  • Ungor1 10 Infantry, Ungor Raiders
    69 points
  • Ungor2 10 Infantry, Ungor Raiders
    69 points
  • Special
  • Mino 18 Monsterous Infantry, Minotaurs
    Additional Hand Weapon, Full Command
    1137 points
  • Harp 5 Infantry, Harpies
    55 points
  • Total: 2399 points

High Elves

General: Loriel

  • A1 Infantry (Character), Archmage
    Level 4. Lore of High Magic, Book of Hoeth, Golden Crown of Atrazar, Fencer's Blades
    320 points
  • AoA Infantry (Character), Annointed of Asuryan
    Giant Blade, enchanted shield, luckstone
    280 points
  • Hero
  • BSB Infantry (Character), Noble
    BSB, Dragon armor, Fury ring, Shield of Merwyrm
    145 points
  • Core
  • A2 15 Infantry, Archers
    150 points
  • ER1 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    85 points
  • ER2 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    85 points
  • SH 12 Cavalry, Silver Helms
    Musician, Banner, shield
    296 points
  • Special
  • PG 20 Infantry, Phoenix Guard
    Full Command, War Banner
    365 points
  • WL 27 Infantry, White Lions
    Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon
    431 points
  • Rare
  • FP Monster, Frosthearth Phoenix
    240 points
  • Total: 2397 points



Terrain was randomized as BRB 8th page 142, My opponent won the roll to place first terrain and terrain placement order was:

- Pond (Mysterious river) on right

- River

- Haunted Mansion

- Pond (Mysterious river) on left

- Anvil of Vaul

- Building

- Scree Slope on left

- Scree Slope on right

- Hill

- Blazing Barricade


I won first roll to pick table edge and also the first deployment. The deployment order was

- White Lions

- Tuskor Chariot (on left)

- Phoenix Guard

- Ungor raiders

- Reavers (on left)

- Gor Herd

- Silver Helms

- Minotaurs

- Reavers (on right)

- Tuskor Chariot ( in middle)

- Archers

- Harpies

- Frost Hearth Phoenix

- Beastmen Characters

- Rest of the High Elves

My Archmage generated ( 3 , 3 , 4 , 5 ) and I ended up with Drain Magic, Soul Quench, Apotheosis and Walk Between Worlds

Slug Tongue generated ( 2 , 6 ) and he ended up with Devolve and Bestial Surge

Bray-Shaman generated ( 2 , 4 ) and ended up with Enfeeble foe and Misma

Slugtongues special ability reached all but Frosthearth Phoenix and Ellyrian reveras 2 (which used vanguard movement to get just out of his reach) 3 Archers and 3 White Lions were killed by him before the game even started. My opponent secured first turn with the help of +1.


I think terrain is more favorable to me. Narrow cap in middle and the river will help me more than my opponent. I think he made mistake placing Slugtongue out of unit and more so mistake not making him in range with frosthearth, as it might have done much needed wounds to it. I will have really dominant magic compared to him and none of his spells doesn't scare me.

Turn 1 - Beastmen

His ambushing ungors game from the right flank and went on the Anvil of Vaul. Other ungor unit revealed the pond to be Pond of Light, but chose not to enter it. Gorherd revealed raging torrent.

MAGIC: WoM 4+3 , no channels

- Enfeeble Foe to Phoenix, 4 PD ( 13 ), passed decreased strength by 2

- Miasma to archers 3 PD ( 16 ), Dispelled with 4 DD

Shooting: No wounds were inflicted

Turn 1 - High Elves

I made swift reform with White Lions and swapped my Archmage and Annointed. I moved them so that minotaur overrun from reaver unit wouldn't be touching the whitelions before the minotaurs would hit the building and so that if and when I would charge the minotaurs that had overran my archmage would have being clipped out from combat. Phoenix guard went so that they could do flank charge to minotaurs. Frosthearth was so thet it would end up in rear charge if the minotaurs would have overran from reavers and so that it was about 18 inch away from my archmage (which I deliverably

MAGIC: WoM 6+2

- Drain Magic 2 PD ( 12 ), my opponent took long time considering should he dispel it, but decided that he feared soul quench more. Passed and enfeeble foe was removed from phoenix

- Soul Quench to Harpies 2 PD ( 15 ), Dispelled with 6 DD ( 23 )

- Apotheosis 1 PD ( 10 )

- Walk Between Worlds 1 PD (11) , I moved whitelions forwad so the minotaurs would have possible end with overrun to my lions.

- Fury Ring 2 PD ( 5 ), Sadly I wasn't at range of Slug Tongue nor harpies, but tried to do damage on Tuskor Chariot and did none.


My reavers targeted slug tongue and managed to do 1 wound on it and archers finished the job killing his general in first turn.


Utilizing the minotaurs frenzy (given by that gorebull) and the impassable house was really good. Secondly that frost phoenix flank opening had one cunning trick on it. His gorherd would be in river if he decided to charge, thus removing steadfast and rankbonuses. He would have gotten only banner, charge, flank from the phoenix. I would trusted that phoenix could have scored more than 3 wounds with normal attacks and stomps. Additionally those gors would have all required to make dangerous terrain test from the charge.

Turn 2 - Beastmen

His minotaurs charge the reavers which decided to flee and he failed redirecting the charge to white lions. His tusko chariot bounced the reavers After long consideration he didn't risk the Gorherd in river battle against the phoenix and moved as much as he could .

MAGIC: WoM 4+2, No channels

- Upgraded Miasma to White Lions 4 PD ( IF ) reduced all stats by 3. Miscast ended up in dimensional cascade taking 9 Gorherd and the Bray-Shaman of the battle. Frosthearth Phoenix survived the high strength attack


Ambusghin ungor raiders managed to kill couple archers.


I think my oppnent made crucial mistake with the harpies when he didn't use them to redirect charge from white lions or phoenix guard.

Turn 2 - High Elves

I did a multiple charge with Silver Helms, White Lions and Frost Phoenix to minotaurs. Due the ability to move closer than inch from the building I managed to clip the silverhelms in the unit so that my Archmage was left out of combat right. It was really close call that this was possible due the chariot. My phoenix guard charge the chariot. Reavers rallied, but as they were forced to take flee action (the second charge) they couldn't move again. Archers reformed, but due lack of musician that was all they could do.

MAGIC: WoM 3+1 , no channels

- Drain Magic 2 PD ( rr 12 ), My opponent failed dispel with 3 DD ( My original roll was 2 + 3 and rerolled 2 and got 4 )

- Walk Between World to archers 1 PD ( 11 ) I moved my archers backwards

- Apotheosis 1 PD ( 10 ), I gave fear to one of my Silver Helms.



Reavers vs Harpies. My reavers did 3 wounds and he did none and broke. I caught them.

Phoenix guard vs. Chariot. Chariot failed fear test and I made make way move with my Banner to the left edge. I did 3 wounds and he did none. I won the combat by 10 (charge + 3 rank + BSB + banner + Warbanner) he broke, but I failed to caught it. Sadly no panic test was failed by the gorherd.

White Lions / Silver Helms / Frosthearth Phoenix vs. Minotaurs: My Silverhelms nearly feared, but due reroll managed to hold their nerves. He passed primal fury check. I called a heroic challenge with Leo "The Untouchable" revered champion of White Lions and his first prime minotaur Bob The BloodEEE! took the challenge.

- Silver Helms did total 6 wounds and received 8 ( Saved 3, He had that Totem of Rust

- Annointed did nothing

- White Lions did 8 Wounds and received total 2 ( Saved 10 ), Leo did one wound and received exactly one wound

- Frosthearth Phoenix did 3 Wounds and received 0 ( Saved 2 )

Total combat resolution vas 22 vs 13 and his minotaurs broke from combat. I chase them with all and caught them.


This was pretty much game breaking result. My opponent still wanted to play the game till end and tried to get as much points as possible from me.

Turn 3 - Beastmen

For some reason He didn't try to charge the phoenix guard with gors. He failed the rally with chariots

SHOOTING He killed one Silver Helms and couple arhcers. Both caused panic test but they were passed

Turn 3 - High Elves

I double charged the gorherds. I moved the archers from chariot theoretical charge range

MAGIC: 6+3

- Drain Magic 2 PD ( 14 )

- Apotheosis 2 PD ( 12 ) 3 DD dispel failed

- Walk Between World to silver helms 2 PD ( 16 ) 3 DD dispel failed

SHOOTING: Only 1 ungor raider died. I totally forgot the haunted mansion and it did 2 wounds to my Phoenix.


White Lions / Phoenix Guard vs. Gorherd. Primal Fury passed, but fear test failed. My archmage called up for challenge and he was answered by gor champion.

- Archmage didn't receive any damage but against all odds he managed to cause 3 wounding hits, which I managed to save with 3+ ward.

- Phoenix guard did 8 wounds and reveived 1 ( saved 2 )

- Whitelions did 8 wounds and received 0 ( saved 3)

- Annointed did 3 wounds

He broke from combat and I tried to catch those gors with both units, but the rolls were too low. My Phoenix Guards pursuits in to the river and got 4 wounds from the dangerous terrain tests.

Turn 4 - Beastmen

He failed the rally test for gors and ended up very close to edge. We rolled for it and he won the roll. His chairot passed test.

SHOOTING: His ungor raiders managed to case panic test for the archers and they ran right towards the chariot. No wounds for the phoenix

Turn 4 - High Elves

I failed the rally for archers and they continued fleeing.

MAGIC: 4+3 , no channels

- Drain Magic 1 PD ( 8 )

- Apotheosis 1 PD ( 10 )

- Walk Between World to Phoenix guard 1 PD ( 9 )

- Upgraded soul quench to Tuskor chariot 4 PD ( 20 ) 4 DD dispel failed, 3 Wounds (4 saved)


Reavers managed to break the ungors and caught them.

Silver Helms made the final wound to the chariot and overran in to the fleeing gors.

Turn 5 - Beastmen

Chairot managed to destroy archers. Ungor tried to do wounds on lions.

Turn 5 - High Elves

I moved Ellyrian reavers 1 to maximum charge range of the chariot

MAGIC 5+1, no channels

- Drain magic 1 PD ( rr 8 )

- Apotheosis 1 PD ( 9 )

- Walk Between Worlds to Phoenix guard 1 PD ( rr 2 ) natural failure

- Fury Ring 3 PD ( 7 ) 5 DD dispel

Shooting failed to do the last wound on chariot

White Lions forced ungor raidesr out of the house and occupied it.

Turn 6 - Beastmen

Chariot failed charge and ungor raiders rallied.

Turn 6 - High Elves

Phoenix Guards failed charge

MAGIC 5+2, no channels

- Upgraded soul quench to Ungors 4 PD ( 22 ) 5 PD dispel failed. All of them died

- Fury Ring 3 PD ( 10 ) Chariot destroyed

Final Score was 2649 - 150

The battle was really fun and those minotaurs looked so great and scary at the same time. I like those miniatures very much and with little different bases they would be super awesomes! I felt sorry for Leo, but we ended up rolling a serious injury for him from the Necromunda table and he made full recovery!


Loriel saw his trusted champion taking a brutal blow and fell in the ground. In the heed of battle Loriel summoned the powers of hoeth to help his beloved friend. Leo wasn't dead, he was brutally injured. Loriel couldn't understand why this had to happend and when he saw the beast that made the devastating struck he was filled with anger. He made daring charge and struck his Fencer Blades in to the beast neck. Loriel was bathed in blood. He commanded all his forces to track down every single beast in this area and hack them to pieces. No one was allowed to escape, no one was allowed to live! This was a great victory for the Asur, but Loriel couldn't enjoy it. Fate of his friend was uncertain.

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