Warriors of Chaos vs. High Elves


Location: Winterfell
Date played: 28. marraskuuta 2014

Warhammer fantasy battle 8th edition (official FAQ 1.9)

High Elves 8th vs. Warriors of Chaos 8th.

2400 points

We decided to have Battleline. No roll for scenario. Terrain was randomized as BRB 8th page 142. However my opponent wanted to play the game without magical terrain so we did. My opponent rolled higher on first placement.

- Building

- Forest

- Fence

- Swamp

- Statua (it was elven waystrone but we decided to play without magical items, so now its just imppassable terrain piece)

Warriors of Chaos

General: Häkkinen

  • Lord
  • Arch1 Cavalry (character), Archaon
    650 points
  • Sorc1 Monsterous cavalry (character), Sorceror Lord
    Level 4, Mark of Tzeentch, Disk of Tzeentch, Skull of Katam
    365 points
  • Hero
  • Sorc2 Cavalry (character), Sorceror
    Level 2, Mark of Nurgle, Lore of Nurgle, Chaos steed, Dispel scroll
    171 points
  • Core
  • Mh 15 Cavalry, Marauder horsemen
    210 points
  • Chari1 Chariot, Chaos Chariot
    Mark of Nurgle
    125 points
  • Chari2 Chariot, Chaos Chariot
    Mark of Nurgle
    125 points
  • Chari3 Chariot, Chaos Chariot
    Mark of Nurgle
    125 points
  • Rare
  • SoK1 3 Monsterous Cavalry, Skullcrushers of Khorne
    Musician, Standard
    254 points
  • SoK2 4 Monsterous Cavalry, Skullcrushers of Khorne
    Musician, Standard
    332 points
  • Total: 2357 points

My opponent gave me his list on paper and I have to admit that I am not complete sure of all the point cost and items chosen on it ;)

High Elves

General: Loriel

  • Lord
  • Annoi1 Infantry (Character), Annointed of Asuryan
    Giant Blade
    270 points
  • Mage Infantry (Character), Archmage
    Level 4. Lore of High Magic, Book of Hoeth, Golden Crown of Atrazar, Fencer's Blades
    320 points
  • Hero
  • BSB Infantry (Character), Noble
    BSB, Dragon armor, Fury ring, Shield of Merwyrm
    145 points
  • Core
  • ER1 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    80 points
  • ER2 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    80 points
  • ER3 5 Cavalry, Ellyrian Reavers
    80 points
  • SH1 9 Cavalry, Silver Helms
    207 points
  • SH2 6 Cavalry, Silver Helms
    138 points
  • Special
  • PG 22 Infantry, Phoenix Guard
    Full Command Razor Banner
    405 points
  • WL 27 Infantry, White Lions
    Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon
    431 points
  • Rare
  • FP Monster, Frosthearth Phoenix
    240 points
  • Total: 2396 points


I won the roll for both table side and first drop. Drop order was following

- White Lions

- Skullcrushers (left)

- Phoenix Guard

- Marauder Horsemen

- Silverhelms (right)

- Chaos Chariot (Left)

- Reavers (left) (proxies)

- Chaos CHariot (Middle)

- Reavers (middle)

- Chariot (Right) (Proxy chariot)

- Silverhelms (Left) ( for some reason I deployed only five, these helms were proxies)

- Skullcrushers (right) (one proxy skullcursher)

- Reavers (right)

- Chaos characters. Archaon got Laniph and Purple sun. Nurgle sorceror got Rancid and stream of corruption, Sorceror lord got Searing Doom, Blades of Aiban, Gehannas Hounds and Final Transmutation)

- Rest of the elves. My archmage got Drainmagic, Apotheosis, Hand of Glory and Walkbetween the worlds. (exactly spells I wanted)

I managed to steal initiative even with my opponents +1.

Turn 1 - High Elves

Magic WoM 3+1 no channels.

- Upgraded Hand of Glory 2 PD on white lions. +3 increased characteristics

- Apotheosis 1 PD on archmage. My opponent failed to dispel

- Walk between world 1 PD on whitelions, My opponent failed to dispel. I moved lions total 20 inches this turn.

No shooting or close combat.

Turn 1 - Warriors of Chaos

My opponent restrained frenzy with Skullcrushers 2. He charged with both Archaon and skullcrushers 1 to my white lions.

Magic: 5+2. I channeled 1 DD and he 1PD

- 2 pd stream of corruption. 2 reavers died.

- 6 pd Purple Sun, dispelled

At shooting marauder horsemen killed 2 additional reavers, but they still holded their nerves.

At close combat chaos chariot received one wound from reaver before totally wiping the unit out. I had bad placement on the other reaver unit and was forced to take panic test but I holded.

Archaon challenged and my champion took the challenge. Archaon used his super sword to make tremendous ammount of attacks. including his mount, but he didn't score single wound thanks to banner of world dragon. My Hand of Glorified White Lions did total 10 wounds on crushers before they could even strike down. Archaon was forced to take test with only snake eyes to hold him. He fled and I managed to catch him without losing single model in that fight.

Turn 2 - High Elves

I tried long charge with phoenix guard along side with frost phoenix and used ellyrian reavers to have possible second round of combat (given that both Frost phoenix and phoenix guard would have managed to make succesfull charge. I also charged with my dart helms to horsemen.

Magic: 2 + 6 + 1 channeled PD

- Walk between worlds on white lions 2PD. Succesfull ( I moved my lions so that my archmage would have being in 18 inch range from the silverhelm bus (on retrospective I could have done it in normal movement.)

- Upgraded Hand of Glory on silver helm bus 3 PD, my opponent dispelled it

- Drain magic 1 PD succesfull casted

- Apotheosis 1 PD succesfull casted

No shooting

My silverhelm charge killed only 6 marauders ( I rolled total 5 ones on to wound rolls ;( ), but my fate was sealed when I realized that they were steadfast naturally as I didn't have any ranks. I reformed from victory so that those chariots wouldn't get flank charge. Frostheart did 1 wound and received one. My opponent didn't break but lost frenzy. My reavers lost three models, but managed to hold. His chariot didn't have enough room to reform allthough it really didn't need it

Turn 2 - Warriors of Chaos

Magic 4+3, 1 PD channeled (skull of catam reduced lords leadership by 2)

- Final Transmutation on white lions 6 PD. I tried to dispel it with 4 pd hoping for high roll or double sixes. Total 11 lions (including champion) and annointed of asuryan died as result. I rolled for panic as I lost the ITP, but managed to hold)

- Blades of Aiban 2 PD on skullcrushers. Succesfully casted.

No shooting

Right chariot killed all the helms on impact hits (not a single 4+ save was made) and the other chariot did 4 wounds. Odd thing was that neither me or my opponent scored anymore wounds on the battle. I lost big time and broke. My opponent failed to catch me. Chariot on the right killed remaining reavers. My phoenix did 1 wound on crushers but they holded.

Turn 3 - High Elves

I passed stupidity test. I failed rather easy charge on phoenix guards to nurgle chariot. My silverhelms unfortunately rallied at this point.

Magic: 5+1 no channels

- Drain magic 2 PD, succesfully cast and blades of aiban dispelled

- Hand of glory on whitelions 1 PD, opponent failed to dispel on 3 DD and +4 modifier

- Ring of fury 2 PD (total 3) my opponent rolled snake eyes. Too bad sorceror lord was out of arc. No damge on chariot from soul quench.

- Apotheosis 1 PD, healed the phoenix to full health.

At close combat whitelions and phoenix broke the skullcrushers. I decided to restrain pursuit with lions and used it with phoenix, but fialed to catch. Then I did the biggest mistake (IMO) in this game and reformed my lions to face that direction. To be honest I haven't got a single glue what an earth was I thinking, but I must have though that I will try to catch that bloody disc tzeetnch bastard or I will go to strike those chariots over the left flank. dunno. stupid choice, I like to think it as the stupidity caused by final transmutation.

Turn 3 - Warriors of Chaos

He charged to my helms and I tried to flee with them, but it didn't end up well. he also catched my lone reaver. This picture is little off, the nurgle chariot couldn't charge to whitelion rear nor phoenix. He could have charged the phoenix guard but chose not to do it and moved little farther away.

Magic: 2+3 + 4 PD from skull of catan (and -1 LD)

- Final Transmutation 6 PD. After long considerationg I decided that I need to make dispell attempt and as expected I failed to dispel it. This time only 3 lions died.

- Blades of aiban 3 PD on skullcrushers.

Turn 4 - High Elves

I failed stupidity check with lions but passed it with frostheart. I charged to crushers with phoenix, who passed terror test and phoenix guard tried to charge the chariot.

Magic 6 + 1, no channels.

As my archmage was stupid I had only fury ring to be castable

- Fury Ring 6 PD succesfully casted on archmage. Did total 2 wounds on the disc lord.

At close combat Frostphoenix did 2 wounds and received one. He broke the crushers and restrained pursuit. Sorceror lord paniced and ran of the board also.

Turn 4 - Warriors of Chaos

Nurgle chariot charged to phoenix.

Chariot didn't do single wounds on phoenix and phoenix did two and broke the chariot and catched it.

Turn 5 - High Elves

Magic: 1+3 and channeled 1 PD

- Upgraded Hand of Glory on whitelions 2 pd, failed to dispell, increased +2

- Walk between the world on phoenix guard 1 PD, dispell scrolled

- Apotheosis 1 PD on frost phoenix

Turn 5 - Warriors of Chaos

No events

Turn 6 - High Elves

Magic: 4+1 no channels

- Drain magic 1 PD

- Apotheosis 1 PD

- Fury Ring 3 PD, failed to dispell. I did 12 hits and 10 wounds on marauder horsemen and completely wiped the unit out.

Turn 6 - Warriors of Chaos

Magic 2+2

- Rancid (something) 4 PD, Irrertible force. It did total 10 hits with only one killed lion. Miscast result was power drain.

Game ended, Victory for High Elves 2086 - 955

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