Dread Elves vs. Daemon Legion


Scenario: Frontline Clash
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 17. kesäkuuta 2017


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Daemon Legions 1.3.4 Mono lust

- Dread Elves 1.3.4

- 4000 point game

- Secondary objective: Breakthrough

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion

We played on 4 x 4 table because there was Warhammer 40k 8th edition game going on in our gaming club at the same time and we lacked bigger table.

Dread Elves

General: Klaffe

  • Characters
  • O Infantry (Character), Oracle
    General, Path of Cosmology 2 x spells, Dark Pegasos, Skull Splitter, Charmed Cursed Icon, Cult of Yema
    485 points
  • Special
  • CP Chariot, Cult Priest
    Paired Weapons, Amulet of Spite, Yema, Light Armor
    608 points
  • Core
  • BoN 15 Infantry, Blades of Nabh
    Full Command
    435 points
  • RA1 10 Infantry, Repeater Auxiliareies
    220 points
  • RA2 10 Infantry, Repeater Auxiliareies
    220 points
  • Special
  • DA 5 Cavalry, Dark Acolyte
    Champion, Cult of Yema
    390 points
  • Core
  • DR1 5 Cavalry, Dark Raiders
    Repeater Crossbow, Shields, Full Command
    332 points
  • Special
  • E 18 Infantry, Executioners
    Full Command
    508 points
  • The Menagerie
  • H Monster, Hydra
    440 points
  • Destroyers
  • DR2 War Machine, Dread Reaper
    180 points
  • DR3 War Machine, Dread Reaper
    180 points
  • Total: 3998 points

Daemon Legion

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • FoP Monster (Character), Father of Pestilence
    General, Aspect: Contamination, Wizard master, 2 x Spells from Evocation, Nauseating Aura
    1140 points
  • HoP Infantry Character, Harbringer of Pestilence
    Battle Standard Bearer, Dissolving Touch, Pestilent Planquin
    425 points
  • Core
  • T1 26 Infantry, Tallymen
    Full Command, War Standard, Aspect: Contamination
    798 points
  • T2 15 Infantry, Tallymen
    Aspect: Contamination
    400 points
  • Special
  • P 2 Swarm, Plaguelings
    Aspect: Contamination
    142 points
  • BF 3 Monsterous Cavalry, Blight Flies
    Aspect: Contamination
    370 points
  • PB 4 Monsterous Beasts, Pestilent Beast
    Aspect: Contamination
    576 points
  • F 5 Infantry, Furies
    Daemon of Pestilence
    140 points
  • Total: 3991 points


My opponent chose the table edge

My Father of Pestilence generated two spells from Evocation ( 1 + 6 )

My opponents Oracle generated from cosmology ( 4 + 5 )

Deployment order was following:

- Both Tallymens and Pestilent Beast

- Repeaters, Dread Reapers, Blades of Naab, Divine Altar, Executioners, Hydra

- Rest of the Daemons

I won the first turn roll

Turn 1 - Daemon Legion

MAGIC: 3+3

- Evocation of Souls to Plaguelings 2 PD ( OF ) -> no negative effect

- Spectral Aid to Father 1 PD -> Passed

- Hasten Hour 2 PD -> natural failure

Turn 1 - Dread Elves


- Triple charge to Plaguelings

MAGIC: 6+2

- Graves Call to Pestilent Beasts 4 PD -> Dispelled

- Ice and Fire to Father 4 PD -> No effect


- Total 5 Tallymen were killed


- Plaguelings were evaporated, and Blades of Naabs overrun was short.

Turn 2 - Daemon Legion


- Pestilent Beast declared charge to Dark Raider, which took flee. They fled through Dark Acolytes who failed panic test. Pestilent Beast redirecter to Executioners.

- Father charged the front, Tallymen / harbringer to flank of Blades of Nabh

- Tallymen charged Divine Altar

(sadly my Furies couldn't bounce dark riders nor acolytes off the board)

MAGIC: 5+4 + 1 DD

- Evocation of Souls to Tallymen 2, 2 PD -> Dispel on 3 DD failed

- Spectral Blade to Tallymen 1, 2 PD -> Dispel on 3 DD failed


- Blades of Nabh were anhilated

- Talymen 2 managed to win the battle, but couldn't break the opponent.

- Pestilent beast won the combat, but couldn't break executioners

Turn 2 - Dread Elves


- Hydra charged to tallymen

- Dark Acolytes failed to rally and fled the table

MAGIC: 2+1

- Ice and Fire to Blight Flies 3 PD, failed to dispel no effect


- Combined shooting killed one Blight Flie


- Pestilent Beast managed to fear and break executioners ( I should have taken the lost model from other end, should I have done that Pestilent beast would have charged the Hydras flank as part of the pursuit and that battle hadn't yet been played.

- Hydra + Altar punished tallymen and only 2 were left fighting (thanks to bsb)

Turn 3 - Daemon Legion


- Pestilent Beast charged executioners and managed to catch them.

- Furies and Father charged Hydra

- Blight Flies charged Auxiliers, no damage on stand and shoot, nor dangerous terrain test for entering the forest with fly movement.

MAGIC: 4+4 + PD + DD

- Evocation of Souls to Father 2 PD, 3 DD dispel

- Spectral Blade 2 PD, 2 PD dispel


- Blight Flies fumbled and auxiliars managed to do 3 wounds on them and they lost the break test by one.

- Hydra used breath weapon to father. The battle ended draw


- Here I made a classic mistake. I was blinded by flank + downhill charge bonus on the situation that I didn't realize that I actually gave thunder stomp freely to the hydra, as it was expected that altar would clear the remaining two tallymen. In this battle my opponent killed 3 furies with stomps and I only got 2 extra combat resolution from it, so in this instance instead of forcing hydra take another break test, I ended up drawing the battle.

Turn 3 - Dread Elves


- Altar Charged Fathers flank

MAGIC: 3+3

- Ice and Fire to Tallymen 3 PD dispelled

- Strength buff to Hydra 3 PD succesfull


- couple wounds on tallymen


- Father received no wound from impact hits and destroyed the Altar before it could strike. Hydra stomped remaining fury and lost the combat but still held.

- Blight Flight managed to break the Auxiliares (and this picture is little off, but the overrun took flies out of the table) Additonally the other reapeter unit paniced

Turn 4 - Daemon Legion


- Pestilent Beast charged reaper

- Tallymen charged Hydra

- Plague Flie returned to battle field

MAGIC: 6+6.

- Spectral Blades to Father 3 PD -> Dispelled

- Evocation of Souls to Tallymen 3 PD -> Succesfull


- Pestilent Beast almost overrun to the other reaper

- Fathers and Tallymen killed the hydra and Tallymen overran to Oracle

Turn 4 - Dread Elves


- Dark Raiders charged Tallymen

- Repeaters failed to rally

MAGIC: 2+1 + PD

- Strength boost to Oracle 4 PD > Dispelled on 2 DD


- Harbringer challenged Oracle and killed him. Dark Raiders got couple wounds, broke down and were caught

Next turn, tallymen bounced Auxiliars form table and Pestilent Beast destroyed remaining Reaper.


- I realized when doing this bat rep that I actually cheated on my armylist during this fight. I though I had bought 4+ regeneration aspect on my Harbringer, but apparently I didn't. Luckily it didn't play out any significant role in that battle it might have saved couple tallymen on the bigger unit, but most certainly it didn't affect any outcomes of the battles nor victorypoints.

- That contamination really showed it power in this game, even against T3 having that poisonous on 5+ brough alot of reliability on the wounding process. It was definately much more poten than I originally expected

- Nauseating Aura was really good purchase for the father as well the Dissolving touch for Harbringer. Both were good items to fight elven forces.

- One interesting part of the game was that my Father managed to save every wound in the battle. Considering that he had only 5+ saves

- I still haven't made a final decision but I think next game I am going to play is going to be Undying Dynasties.

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