Dread Elves vs. Daemon Legion


Scenario: Encircle
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 3. kesäkuuta 2017


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Daemon Legions 1.3.4 Mono lust

- Dread Elves 1.3.4

- 3000 point game

- Secondary objective: Hold the Ground

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion

- Proxies allowed

- I borrowed Tallymen and Sky Serpents from my friend Huan

Dread Elves

General: Klaffe

  • Characters
  • DP Infantry (Character), Dread Prince
    General, Amulet of Spite, Crimson Mail, Razor Blade, Ring of Shadows
    460 points
  • Core
  • BoN 20 Infantry, Blades of Nabh
    Full Commnad
    550 points
  • RA 15 Infantry, Repeater Auxiliareies
    Full Commnad, Shield
    370 points
  • Special
  • E 15 Infantry, Executioners
    Full Command
    430 points
  • DA 5 Cavalry, Dark Acolyte
    Champion, Cult of Yema
    390 points
  • The Menagerie
  • H Monster, Hydra
    Full Commnad
    440 points
  • Destroyers
  • DR1 War Machine, Dread Reaper
    180 points
  • DR2 War Machine, Dread Reaper
    180 points
  • Total: 3000 points

Daemon Legion

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • HoC Infantry (Character), Harbringer of Change
    General, Aspect: Far Seeing Wizard Path of Evocation
    250 points
  • HoP Infantry Character, Harbringer of Pestilence
    Battle Standard Bearer
    290 points
  • Core
  • H 20 Infantry, Horrors
    Full Command, Aspect of Far Seeing
    580 points
  • T 21 Infantry, Tallymen
    Full Command, War Standard
    574 points
  • Special
  • MS 5 Cavalry, Mounted Sirens
    180 points
  • CC 3 Monsterous Cavalry, Crusher Cavalry
    340 points
  • P 2 Swarm, Plaguelings
    130 points
  • I 5 Infantry, Igniters
    250 points
  • SS 3 Monsterous Beast, Sky Serpents
    250 points
  • F 5 Infantry, Furies
    Daemon of Wrath
    140 points
  • Total: 2984 points



- I won the deployment zone pick

- My Harbringer generated one spell from Evocation. It was Dance Macabree

- My opponent deploed his whole army first

- I placed Nurglins so that they were out of hydras theoretical charge but just 17 inch from Blades of Nabh for frenzy tests.

Turn 1 - Dread Elves


- Frenzy test passed

- My opponent actually deployed the reaper behind the hills, so only to move with it.

MAGIC: 1+1

- Graves Call to Crushers 2 PD, natural failure


- Reaper failed to do single wound on mounted sirens

- Repeaters failed to wounds on furies

Turn 1 - Daemon Legion


- Crushers and Mounted Sirens charged

- Plaguelings moved out of Blades of Naabs charge range

- Furies moved to blades of naab frenzy range

MAGIC: 4+1 + PD

- Hand of Heaven Upgraded to Hydra 4 PD -> OF. I rolled str 2 hits and on missfire 13 horrors died and my champion also vanished from the fight.


- My combined shooting to executioners with remaining horrors and Igniters only caused 1 wound.


- Crushers suffered one casualty. I won the battle barely, but my opponent managed to hold.

- Mounted Sirens suffered one wound on battle and destroyed the reaper

Turn 2 - Dread Elves


- Hydra tried long charge to Tallymen and failed

MAGIC: 4 +2 + PD

- Breath of Corruption 4 PD -> OF, no wounds on the unit but wizard lost his spell due amnesia


- Reaper killed 2 Mounted Sirens

- Repeaters tried to shoot plaguelings


- Breath of Corruption failed to do wounds, We ended up in draw

Turn 2 - Daemon Legion


- Mounted Sirens charged reaper

- Sky Serpents managed to do sweeping attack on executioners and they paniced and fled

- Plaguelings were in wrong facing to charge the executioners and they simply moved out of blades of naabs front arc. With the backward movement of tallymen blades of naab ended up in the front arc instead of flank.


- Evocation of Souls to Crushers 2 PD


- Combined shooting to hydra with igniters and horrors caused 2 wounds.


- Acolytes were feared but still managed to kill one crushers (wounded from previous round). Remaining crushers caused 2 wounds and broke the enemy and caught them.

Turn 3 - Dread Elves


- Hydra managed to charge Tallymen

- Blades of Naab were in front of Tallymen and the fleeling executioners blocked their path. They swift reformed as did reapers


- Repeaters killed Mounted Sirens


- Hydra managed to do 3 wounds and saved all the wounds. He lost the combat due static resolution but hold

Turn 3 - Daemon Legion


- Plaguelings charged Hydras flank (just barely in the flank))

- Sky Serpents moved over the Blades of Naab and caused some wounds

- Furies went to redirect my opponent

MAGIC: 6 + 1

- I decided not to cast anything out of fear of miscast. There simply wasn't much to cast


- Igniters killed 4 Blades of Naab

- Horrors killed one Repeater


- Hydra Killed little better this time, I did one wound to it and won with high static combat resolution. (this picture is little off, but I decided to try restrain my pursuit with plaguelings) Reason was that if I would have rolled something like 5 I would have ended to overrun of the naabs and I didn't want to give him two redirecting units at one turn. The thing that I "failed" here was that I should have turned their facing different direction. I don't know why an earth I placed them to watch the executioners

- Tallymen overran to executioners, and broke them off. 3 Executioner left in unit.

Turn 4 - Dread Elves


- To be honest I made a really poorly done redirection in previous turn, those blades of Naab COULD have actually moved right past the furies, but My friend was sport enough to make it so that they couldn't as we were playing again in middle of the night and I could have easily by moving the unit only by few millimeters to achieve that. So huge thanks for my oppoent for giving me a slack.

- Hydra and Executioners rallied


- Repeaters killed 1 igniter

Turn 4 - Daemon Legion


- Sky Serpents moved over executioners two died and only the champion was remaining in the unit.

- I decided to use Plaguelings as cover for the Igniters

MAGIC: 3 + 2

- Dance Macabre to Plaguelings 3 PD

- Evocation of Souls to Tallymen 2 PD dispelled


- Horrors killed single executioner

- Igniters killed Hydra

Turn 5 - Dread Elves


- Blades of Naab charged Plaguelings

- Repeaters moved towards the center


- Repeaters killed 2 tallymen


- Plaguelings vanished and Blades overran directly in to the Igniters


- Well... this was perhaps the biggest mistake in the game. On retrospective I probably should have simply moved those plaguelings to infront of hydra so either naabs would ignore them or charge them and overrun to the center, or very atleas change the plaguelings facing so that they would still provide cover but the overrun wouldn't direct naabs directly on the unit. Even IF I wouldn't have destroyed the hydra it could have most likely charge out of the naabs way (even a couple inch failed charge would have been sufficient enough) so that the naabs had good charge on plaguelings. I was complete blinded on this scenario and perhaps the main reason for it was that it started to be something like 1 am :D

Turn 5 - Daemon Legion


- Sky Serpents sweeped repeaters for couple wounds


- Upgraded Dance Macabre 5 PD, dispelled with 5 PD


- Blades of Naab punished Igniters and continued their overrun

Turn 6 - Dread Elves


- Repeaters moved just close enough to the objective and shot the tallymen with couple wounds

Turn 6 - Daemon Legion


- Sky Serpents, Crushers and Tallymen charge. Tallymen suffered one wound from the stand and shoot


- I Suffered couple wounds, he suffered 13 on broke. I tried to restrain pursuit with tallymen (so i could get the objective) I rolled really high on the Tallymen, but with clever use of game mechanic I decided to overrun first with the crushers, then with the serpents and then tallymen so they actually stayed just inside the objective

In the end he had about 1000 points of the board as I had still about 1600 points and the secondary objective


- My original though was to have Change shooters to soften the elves, while furies / mounted / plaguelings would try to redirect the Frenzied enemy as much as possible. Then with the sturdy Tallymen just win the battle with good old attrition.

- Sky Serpents really showed their strong side, on the start of the battle I placed them too far away, but luckily they had fair share of action. I rolled rather well with them and while I wrote this report I realized that they actually can use hellfire or divine attacks as well. SO technically they have extra 1d3 str 3 attack with hellfire. They are really good unit against elves

- I failed to use the Plaguelings properly, perhaps the main reason was that I was blinded with the Scout / Vanguard that they would be extremely mobile, but with marching 8 movement they aren't that good for the versatile duty as Mounted sirens or furies are. They must be used similarly as the 8th edition Tomb King horse Archers and it took my many games to realize as I had used to have Ellyrian Reavers from High Elves for redirecting duty.

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