Dread Elves vs. Daemon Legion


Scenario: Frontline Clash
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 28. toukokuuta 2017


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Daemon Legions 1.3.4 Mono lust

- Dread Elves 1.3.4

- 1500 point game

- Secondary objective: Capture the Flag

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion

Dread Elves

General: Klaffe

  • Characters
  • O Infantry (Character), Oracle
    General, Path of Cosmology 2 x spells, Gem of Fortune
    285 points
  • Core
  • BoN 15 Infantry, Blades of Nabh
    Champion, Standard Bearer
    415 points
  • DL 15 Infantry, Dread Legionaire
    Champion, Spears
    230 points
  • Special
  • DA 5 Cavalry, Dark Acolyte
    Champion, Cult of Yema
    390 points
  • Destroyers
  • DR War Machine, Dread Reaper
    180 points
  • Total: 1500 points

Daemon Legion

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • HoL Infantry (character), Harbringer of Lust
    General, Supreme Aspec: Dance of Death, Barded Claws, Blissful binding, Wizard Apprentice path of Evocation
    340 points
  • Core
  • S 29 Infantry, Sirens
    Full Command, War Standard
    610 points
  • Special
  • MS1 5 Cavalry, Mounted Sirens
    200 points
  • MS2 5 Cavalry, Mounted Sirens
    200 points
  • Characters
  • F 5 Infantry, Furies
    Daemon of lust
    140 points
  • Total: 1490 points


My opponent generated from path of Cosmology 2+4 (Mind Games and Ice and Fire)

I started deploying

- Sirens, Harbringer and both Mounted Sirens

- All the elves

- Furies

My opponent won the first turn roll

Turn 1 - Dread Elves

MAGIC: 2+1 + 1 PD

- Ice and Fire on mounted sirens 2 4 PD natural failure (many ones)


- Dread Reaper shot couple wounds on sirens

Turn 1 - Daemon Legion


- I packed up with Mounted Sirens 2 just enough to be out of blades of naab theoretical charge. I placed Sirens so he would needed 9 to roll with the naabs.

MAGIC: 5 + 5

- Evocation of Sous to Mounted Sirens 3 PD -> OF 5 wounds to sirens, survived amnesia

- Ancestral aid to Sirens 3 PD natural failure

Turn 2 - Dread Elves


- I am not absolutely sure did the spear charge, as I don't have notes on the occasion and we played middle of the night)

MAGIC: 6+3

- Grave Call to Mounted Sirens 4 PD Dispelled

- Ice and Fire to Sirens 4 PD no damage


- Volley shot killed 3 mounted sirens

Turn 2 - Daemon Legion


- Double charge with Sirens and Mounted Sirens to spears

MAGIC: 5+2 + DD

- Evocation of Souls to sirens 3 PD passed

- Ancestral Aid to sirens 3 PD dispelled


- Sirens and Mounted Sirens punished dread legionaires. Sirens restrained pursuit and mounted sirens caught the enemy.

Turn 3 - Dread Elves


- Blades of Naab charged mounted sirens

MAGIC: 6+6

- Grave Call to Sirens 4 PD, dispelled with 6 PD

- Mind Games 4 to Sirens 4 PD

Turn 3 - Daemon Legion


- Sirens charged to the rear of the blades

- Furies Charged dread reaper

MAGIC: 4+3

- Evocation of Souls to Sirens 3 PD, passed

- Ancestral Aid to Sirens 4 PD, failed to dispel


- Those bloody blades packed a whole lot of damage to sirens even on rear :D But with better combat resolution broke them but failed to caught them.

- Furies suffered two wounds on the charge and failed to do none, thus losing and with ld 2 broke.


- I said to my opponent that those furies have a hard spot to choose from either redirect dark acolytes or try to get the dread reaper. I also didn't really realize that nowadays war machines are t4 w4 models rather than the old elven bolt thrower with t3 and 2 wounds.

- On retrospective I should have used mounted siren or furies as redirectors for the acolytes.

Turn 4 - Dread Elves


- Dark Acolytes charged the rear of Sirens

- Blades of Naab was exactly 25% of starting size so halved ld and failed to rally.

MAGIC: 3+2

- Breath of Corruption 3 PD dispelled


- Dread Reaper killed mounted siren


- Dark Acolytes didn't cause as many wounds as they probably should have, but still won the combat by alot, but luckily i was steadfast and didn't crumble. I failed to reform.

Turn 4 - Daemon Legion

MAGIC: 4+4 + PD

- Ancestral Aid 4 PD to sirens failed to dispel

- Evocation of Souls 3 PD pass


- Harbringer couldn't come to base contact, acolytes caused some damage I killed 2 acolytes and managed to reform.

Turn 5 - Dread Elves

MAGIC: 4 + 3 + DD

- Breat of Corruption 5 PD, dispelled with 5 DD


- Harbringer killed the remaining two dark acolytes and I reformed to conga line since it allowed me to just barely be in the range of fleeing blades and sorceror

Turn 5 - Daemon Legion


- I bounced the blades of naab and sorceror of the board

Turn 6 - Dread Elves


- I had 3 sirens left in the unit and he killed 2 of them. Luckily I was able to allocate some hits to my harbringer (that was unharmed) and even when the harbringer was wounded by the shots i was left with 1 siren and harbringer on the board

I also gained secondary objective from the game


- Oh boy those elves are some nasty creatures in close combat. They need to be tenderized with shooting / magic before engaging!

- I really liked the "clever use of game mechanic" congaline to secure victory points from my enemy

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