Vermin Swarm vs. Daemon Legion


Scenario: Refused Flank
Location: Wintefell
Date played: 27. toukokuuta 2017


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Daemon Legions 1.3.4

- The Vermis Swarm 1.3.4

- 3000 point game

- Secondary objective: Hold the Ground

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion

Vermin Swarm

General: Helkku

  • Characters
  • D1 Infantry (Character), Dictator
    Blade of the Swarm, Ratlock Pistol, Shield, Verming Guard Litter, Dark Shard Brew
    370 points
  • M Infantry (Character), Magister
    Apprentice path of Shamanism., 2 spells. Two Dark Shards
    290 points
  • Core
  • PB 20 Infantry, Plague Brotherhood
    Full Command
    220 points
  • RaA1 36 Infantry, Rats-at-Arms
    Full Command, Spears
    416 points
  • RaA2 36 Infantry, Rats-at-Arms
    Full Command, Spears
    416 points
  • S 25 Infantry, Slaves
    90 points
  • Special
  • VH 4 Monsterous Infantry, Vermin Hulks
    310 points
  • Tunnel Gunners
  • RG Infantry, Rotary Gun
    150 points
  • GL Infantry, Globe Launcher
    150 points
  • PC War Machine, Plague Catapult
    170 points
  • D2 Chariot, Dreadmill
    250 points
  • J 4 Infantry, Jezails
    165 points
  • TB Monsterous Infantry, Totemic Beast
  • Total: 2997 points

Daemon Legion

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • DP Monster (character), Daemon Prince
    General, Iron Hide, Lash of Lust,Elixir of Souls
    690 points
  • HoL Infantry (Character), Harbringer of Lust
    Barbed Claws, BSB, Supreme Aspect: Dance of Death, Veil of Shadows, Steed of Lust
    470 points
  • Core
  • H 10 Infantry, Horrors
    320 points
  • S 27 Infantry, Sirens
    Full Command, Banner of Speed
    590 points
  • Special
  • MS 10 Cavalry, Mounted Sirens
    Full Command, War Standard
    430 points
  • F 5 Infantry, Furies
    Daemon of Wrath
    140 points
  • CC 3 Monsterous Cavalry, Crusher Cavalry
    360 points
  • Total: 3000 points


Opponents magister generated from path of shamanism 1+6 (and didn't swap spells to 0). So he had Swarm of Insects and Totemic Summon.

My opponent starts the deployment

- Rats at Arms (right)

- Sirens + Horrors

- Rats as Arms (left)

- Mounted Sirens, Crusher Cavalry, Daemon Prince, Harbringer

- Slaves

- Furies

- Rest of the Vermin Swarm.

I won the first turn

Turn 1 - Daemon Legion

MAGIC: 6+6

- Upgraded Hand of Heaven to Dreadmill 5 PD (20) failed to dispel 6 DD. It caused 4 wounds on the mill.

Turn 1 - Vermin Swarm


- Rats at arms tried to charge daemon prince, couple died due stand and shoot, failed to charge

- Dreadmill "charged" furies

MAGIC: 6+5 + DD

- Swarm of Insects to Horrors 3 PD -> killed 5 Horrors

- Totemic Summon 4 PD -> Dispelled


- Plague Catapult killed 8 sirens

- Jezzails complete failed by rolling 3 x ones and caused to wounds to it self, but luckily they didn't break

- Globe Launched caused 3 wounds on Daemon Prince!

Turn 2 - Daemon Legion


- There was a theoretical change for mounted sirens to charge the Dreadmill (especially after my opponent reformed it after combat) but as it was just barely we ended up 4+ rolling it and I failed (that would have been excellent as they could have overrun to the flank of rats at arm with that movement.

- Daemon Prince charged Dreadmill instead

- Sirens to rat at arms in with the Dictator.

MAGIC: 5+1

- Upgraded hand of heaven to globe launchers 3 PD ( OF ) I rolled only 2 x str 2 hits and failed to wound any. On my miscast only one horror died.

- Cleasing Fire to Siren champion 2 PD natural failed


- Mounted Sirens broke slaves (IN this battle it might have actually been possible that the slaves wouldn't broke as fast cav has light troops and zero ranks. Slaves would have been steadfast with ld 7 (due dictator). But We rolled that they only had possibility for snake eyes) I realized the mistake in the next game I played right after this one.

- Daemon prince with only 1 wound took huge risk as the dreadmill needed just one wound to be destroyed. Luckily I managed to do it.

- Sirens, this battle ended up exact draw

Turn 2 - Vermin Swarm


- Vermin Hulks charged sirens flank

- Plague Brotherhood passed frenzy test

MAGIC: 6+3

- Swarm of Insect to Mounted Sirens 3 PD Dispelled

- Totemic Summon 4 PD natural failure


- Jezails...... again my opponent botched by rolling snake eyes and failed to hit with the one. He caused AGAIN two wounds on the jezails and STILL passed the panic test :D

- Plague catapult missed

- Plague Globe failed to do wounds on demon prince


- Sirens took heavy beating, but they managed to hold with only 4 models left!

Turn 3 - Daemon Legion


- Daemon Prince charged Vermin Hulks

- Mounted sirens clipping charged Rats-at-Arms

- Crushers charged Vermin Hulks flank

MAGIC 6+2 + PD

- Hand of Heaven upgraded to Totem Beast 5 PD -> 1 Wound

- Cleasing Fire to Harbringer 4 PD -> Diseplled


- My 4 horrors managed to do 2 wounds on Totemic Beast and it was destroyed!


(note: this combat had a lot of.... how should it be said very interesting features in regards of the rules)

- Daemon prince delivered good ammoun of wounds to vermin hulks

- Dictator killed all the 4 remaining sirens -> HERE we weren't complete sure should the rats-at-arms nudge but we concluded that since this is the same multiple close combat and it was possibe to nudge rats-at-arms to base contact with daemon prince that it was done.

- Mounted Sirens and Harbringer bounded heavily on the rats at arms.

- Vermin hulks + Remaining rats-at-arm failed to wound the single wounded daemon prince

- Crushers delivered also good ammount of damage.

- Rats-at-Arms hold, hulks broke and Crushers cathced them. HERE. Direction of the flee, we concluded that the mounted sirens was the most numerous enemy in the close combat so the roll was from there and since the pursuit move says that rotating ignores obstacles, units etc. Crushers pursuited over forest.

Turn 3 - Vermin Swarm


- Globe Launcher had to charge to Mounted sirens also since plague brotherhood wouldn't be able to charge eitherway.

MAGIC: ( I don't have any notes :D, but most likely it was ineffective magic)


- Jezails again got one wound on them selves but this time they managed to do the first wound in the whole game to crushers.

- Plague catapult missed

- Rotary gun shot crushers without any effect


- Daemon prince killed Dictator, Mounted Sirens did good damage overall.

- Plague brotherhood decimated mounted sirens, rats-at-arms failed to deliver the one wound to DP.

- I lost the combat by two and both Prince and Mounted Sirens held.

Turn 4 - Daemon Legion


- Crushers reformed

MAGIC: 6+6

- Upgraded Hand of Heaven to Globe Launcher 4 PD -> ( OF ) No damage, on missfire only my champion stayed alive, (witchfire destroyed remainign horrors), I forgot the spell, survived the direct wound and insta kill results

- Cleasing Fire on Mounted Siren Champion 5 PD -> failed to Dispel, str 3 breath weapon


- Breath weapon did good damage on brotherhood, which in return wasted tons of attack to kill the solo mounted siren champion.

- Harbringer killed all but one rat from the rats-at-arm unit

- On retrospective I probably should have thunderstomped to solo dude up since I was going to win the combat by alot, but I stomped the bigger unit instead.

- Harbringer pursuit brotherhood and cathed them. Globe Launcher paniced.

Turn 4 - Vermin Swarm


- Globe launcher failed to rally and ran off board

- Solo rat managed to rally on snake eyes!


- Rotary Gun destroyed Harbringer of Lust easily

- Plaguce Catapult missfired

- Jezails... they are UNDER a curse! again my opponent rolled 1, caused one wound but AGAIN he managed to not panic them off board with ld 5... Cursed Jezails


- Daemon Prince with single wound left had survived tons of spearheaded attacks. This turn was no exception and Rat-at-arms broke of, I failed to catch and they fled right through the crushers

Turn 5 - Daemon Legion


- Daemon Prince used elixir and he ALMOST managed the move behind the building so that catapult wouldn't have LoS to it, but it was like 1 inch short.

- Crushers reformed

MAGIC: 6+4

- Cleasing Fire to Crusher champion 5 PD, failed to dispel str 4


- Horror tried to snipe the solo rat and Crushers unleashed breath weapon to the fleeing rats killing alot of them.

Turn 5 - Vermin Swarm


- Rats-at-Arms failed to rally and ran off board (picture is little off)

- Solo rat went for Hold the Ground


- Plague Catapult missed Daemon Prince!

- Rotary Gun did one wound on crushers?

- Jezail miss

Turn 6 - Daemon Legion


- I packed up with horror champion just enough to be out of effective range of rotary gun.

MAGIC, none (since Crushers wasn't close enough to use breath weapon)


- Failed to snipe the solo rat

Turn 6 - Vermin Swarm


- Jezail failed

- Rotary Gun Missfired and was destroyed ( That solo rat wouldn't broke of as weapon team has Insignificant, but It woudln't change the out come of the battle too much)

- Catapult missed horror

Game ended with me scoring the secondary objective and significantly more points.


- Oh boy this was nice rematch with helkku and truly remarkable battle. I like to point out that Jezails managed to do SINGLE wound on crushers whole game, with volatile they got 6 wounds on them selves and survived 3 panic tests on LD5. Really odd.

- Daemon Prince was on last wounds the whole game, it was only waiting for that lucky break but fortunately he survived thanks to iron hide. I like to think that his cocky risky charge to dreadmill pleased the dicegods.

- The multiple combat was again the horrible examples of many different possibilities what could happend in this game and now after the battle judging the rulebooks page 54 that would probably ended up as two different combats.

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