Vampire Covenant vs. Daemon Legion


Scenario: Counterthrust
Location: Winterfell
Date played: 20. toukokuuta 2017


- Fantasy battle 9th age 1.3.4

- Daemon Legions 1.3.4

- Vampire Covenant 1.3.4

- 3000 point game

- Secondary objective: Breakthrough

- Standard rules for 9th terrain and scenarion

Vampire Covenant

General: Armeli

  • Characters
  • VC Infantry (Character), Vampire Count
    Mithril Mail, Blade of Red Thirst, General
    525 points
  • N Infantry (Character), Necromancer
    Wizard Master, Path of Evocation 2 spells, Book of Arcane Power, Staff of Gerhard the Black
    460 points
  • Core
  • G 31 Infantry, Ghouls
    528 points
  • S 26 Infantry, Skeletons
    Full Command, Spear
    260 points
  • BG 30 Infantry, Barrow Guard
    Full Command, Shields
    625 points
  • Special
  • DW 5 War Beast, Dire Wolves
    100 points
  • SH Monster, Shrieking Horror
    500 points
  • Total: 2998 points

Daemon Legion

General: Loriel

  • Characters
  • DP Monster (character), Daemon Prince
    General, Fly, Iron Hide, Lash of Lust
    750 points
  • HoL Infantry (Character), Harbringer of Lust
    Hearthseeker, BSB, War Standard, Supreme Aspect: Dance of Death
    380 points
  • Core
  • H 15 Infantry, Horrors
    Champion, Musician
    430 points
  • S1 25 Infantry, Sirens
    Full Command, Banner of Speed
    550 points
  • Special
  • MS 5 Cavalry, Mounted Sirens
    200 points
  • F 5 Infantry, Furies
    Daemon of Wrath
    140 points
  • CC 3 Monsterous Cavalry, Crusher Cavalry
    340 points
  • SC Cavalry, Siren Chariot
    200 points
  • Total: 2990 points



- I had Crushers ( I own 6 of them, but haven't still painted and assembled them complety) so in this game they were proxied.


- Opponent chose table edge.

- Necromancer generated from Path of Evocation. ( 2 + 2 ) He chose Touch of the Reaper

- Horror champion had predifined spells.

Deployment order was following:

- Mounted Sirens + Furies

- Ghouls

- Sirens

- Rest of the Undead

My opponnet chose not to vanguard with wolves.

My opponent won the starting roll

Turn 1 - Vampire Covenant

MAGIC: 5+4 + PD

- Evocation of Souls to Skeletons 2 PD -> 9 Skeleton Raised

- Danse Macabre to Skeletons 2 PD

- Touch of the Reaper to Horror Champion 4 PD, dispelled with 5 DD

Turn 1 - Daemon Legion


- Furies, Crushers and Horrors declared charge to Skeletons. (furies managed to draw line of sight just barely from the corner)

- Siren Chariot and Sirens declared Charge to Ghouls

MAGIC: 6+4 + DD

- Hand of Heaven 5 PD ( 20 ) Dispelled with 5 DD

- Cleansing Fire upgraded to Siren Champion 4 PD ( 14 ) Dispelled with 2 DD


- Crushers killed the Necromancer and they did ton of damage against skeletons which failed to do single wound nor reform. Furies were dropped out of combat due shrinking unit.

- Sirens and Siren Chariot landed some wounds, but Ghousl were on FIRE they managed to score total 10 wounds this round and lost only by 3.


- Funny thing is that my opponent Armeli actually accidently cut him self with the tape measure, thus literally spilled the first blood. It seemed that his action pleased the Blood God as he managed to dispel my breath weapon with only 2 DD rolling 11 and then doing some extra ordinary rolls with ghouls!

- My opponent made crucial mistake by feeding his Necromancer to flank charge, but it most certainly helped me during the game.

Turn 2 - Vampire Covenant


- Barrow Guard charged Siren Chariot (it had to charge its rear)

- Shrieking Horror Charged Horrors


- Crushers bounded skeletons and after combat there were still 3 standing.

- Barrow Guard / Vampire destroyed Siren Chariot and Ghouls / Sirens battle was draw. Barrow Guard reformed (as said, they were in the rear of siren Chariot)

- Shrieking Horror killed my Horror Champion as well some horrors

Turn 2 - Daemon Legion


- Deamon Prince charged Shrieking Horrors flank

- Furies Charged Ghouls flank

- Mounted Sirens Charged Direwolves


- Crushers killed remaining Skeletons

- Mounted Sirens killed Direwolves

- Daemon Prince and Horrors did total 5 wounds to horror and DP survived the shriek without a scratch.

- Siren/Furies were left with 3 ghouls after the combat.


- My gåd! I didn't realize that my Daemon Prince had a real possibility to be one shotted by the Horrors shriek. To my best luck my opponent failed with to wound roll (only 1 wounded) but my I managed to save it with ward.

Turn 3 - Vampire Covenant


- Barrow Ghouls charged Mounted Sirens, they fled with Elusive and Barrow Guard redirected charge to Sirens. TO my best luck it was just barely in front arc and thus clipping charge since there was still gouls left.


- Ghouls were anhilated and Furies dropped out of combat. Barrow Guard reformed to deeper formation.

Turn 3 - Daemon Legion


- I challenged with Harbringer and the Count took the challenge. Neither was wounded and I only lost 2 sirens so there still was champion and Harbringer left in the unit. Thanks to reroll from BSB I didn't break


- This turn took me a lot of time to think. I was almost sure that my sirens would be toasted and I tried to think how to place my units. Especially since those Barrow Guards were going to be able to reform and charge next turn. I though about using both furies and mounted sirens as redirectors, but then though that he simply destroyes other and the other is going to be left as road block to my own charges. Then again my horrors couldn't really move much out of the way (not back either due the building) I finaly concluded that I was going to lure the barrow guard with horrors hopefully they wouldn't break in the charge with some luck and then I would have nice flanking / rear charge position. Well to my best luck Sirens and Harbringer didn't break :D

Turn 4 - Daemon Legion

NOTE: I accidently failed with the battle chronicler and mixed the turns. ON vampire covenant turn nothing interesting happened as they were stuck in the close combat:


- All but Horrors charged Barrow Guard, Crushers failed dangerous terrain test and received 2 wounds.


- My opponents blood sacrifice to blood gods had run out. He failed to do any wounds at all. I did some wounds. My daemon Prince dropped out of combat after combat resolution and in retrospectice I probably should have charged them other way around so that Prince would touch the front corner and crushers on the other, but you cannot always do the "right" thing :D

Turn 5 - Daemon Legion


- Daemon Prince couldn't finish the charge to the rear, so it moved for next turn assault.

- Horrors went for break through


- Harbringer finally died in the hands of vampire

Turn 5 - Vampire Covenant


- All of the Barrow Guards were destroyed and the vampire failed to do any significant damage before it was crushed due unstable rule.


- I didn't realize that 9th age had given little boost to Unstable with the steadfast / stubborn addition. Personally think that is good change to give them some effect from rules that benefits "normal" armies alot. As I own both Vampire Covenant and Undying Dynasty this is good improvement for them.

- I was excited that my opponent chose to invest so much on magic with +3 modifier caster. Sadly due the fact that I managed to kill the Necromancer in turn 1 I really couldn't say how much would it actually helped him should the Necromancer remained "alive" little longer

- When I also lost my Horror champion and the game went to no magic, I actually liked it alot, made the game little faster and removed some extra calculating from the process.

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