New Roster (BS2.0 Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age) [3992pts]

Infernal Dwarves (BS2.0 Infernal Dwarves) [3992pts]

Selection Rules

Army General: General...

Battle Standard Bearer: BSB...

Blessing of Nezibkesh: All Special Close Combat Attacks against models with this special rule are at half Strength (rounding fractions up).

Bodyguard (X): When a Character is joined to a unit in which at least one model has the Bodyguard special rule, that Character gains Stubborn. When Characters or Character types are stated in brackets, Bodyguard only works for the specified
Characters or Character types.

Chosen of Ashuruk: Models with this special rule will automatically pass all Fear Tests, but still suffer -1 Leadership from Fear. Models with this special rule consider all units without it to have Insignificant and cannot use their Engineer rule on models without Chosen of Ashuruk.

Daemonic Fury: At the beginning of each friendly Player Turn, the Bound Daemon must take a Leadership Test. If the test is failed, the Bound Daemon gains Random Movement (3D6) until the end of the Player Turn, and must move towards the closest enemy unit in the Movement Phase.

Daemonic Infusion: A model part with this special rule gains Magical Attacks (not applicable to crew), and any Panic Test it causes to enemy units through 25% casualties suffers a -1 Leadership modifier.

Daemonic Instability: When a unit with this Special Rule fails a Break Test, it does not flee from combat. Instead, it suffers a number of Wounds equal to the amount by which the test was failed (Simplified formula: 2D6+CSLd), ignoring the usual minimum 0 for its Leadership Characteristic. These Wounds are distributed following the rules for Unstable, with no saves of any kind allowed. Only characters with Daemonic Instability can join units with Daemonic Instability, and Characters with Daemonic Instability cannot join units without Daemonic Instability. If a model has both Daemonic Instability and Unstable, disregard the latter.

Fan the Flames: The Overlord and all model parts in the same unit, except mounts , gain Hatred.

Fast Cavalry: Models with this special rule have Light Troops and Vanguard. If a unit consisting solely of models with Fast Cavalry voluntarily flees as a Charge Reaction and subsequently rallies the next friendly Player Turn, then the unit may move
and shoot during that Player Turn. The rallied unit may not charge and counts as having moved for the purpose of shooting. This rule cannot be applied if a unit fails to rally on the next friendly Player or involuntarily flees, such as a result of a failed Panic Test.

Fear: All enemy units in base contact with one or more models with this special rule suffer a 1 Leadership modifier. Models that are Immune to Psychology or that have Fear themselves are immune to the effects of Fear. At the start of each
Combat Round, units in base contact with one or more enemy models with Fear must take a Leadership Test. If this test is failed, the models in the unit have their Weapon Skill reduced to 1 for the remainder of the Combat Round.

Fireborn: Model parts with this special rule have a Ward Save (2+) against Flaming Attacks. While a model has Fireborn, it cannot benefit from Regeneration.

Flaming Attacks: This rule is applied to attacks made with this special rule and attacks from model parts with this special rule (both Close Combat and Shooting Attacks). They don't normally have any special effect. However, they interact with other rules (such as Flammable and Regeneration). (T9A Rules v.1.3.4 p90)

Fly (X): Units composed entirely of models with this special rule can make Flying Movements when performing a Move Chargers move or in the Remaining Moves subphase.
When a unit makes a Flying Movement, substitute the models’ Movement Characteristic with the value given in brackets (X). All modifiers to ground movement values are also applied to the flying value of a model. Flying Movement can be used to March. Units using Flying Movement ignore all Terrain and units during the Flying Movement (from their starting to their ending position), but must abide the Unit Spacing rule at the end of the move (unless charging, when the normal exceptions to the Unit Spacing rule apply). They are still affected by the effects of the Terrain from which they take off and in which they land. Models with the Fly special rule also always have Swiftstride and Light Troops.

Move or Fire: Shooting Weapons or model parts with this special rule may not shoot if they moved during the current Player Turn.

Opportunist: When fighting an enemy unit in the enemy’s flank or rear, model parts on foot with this special rule gain a +1 to-hit modifier as long as their unit is not also attacked in the flank or rear.

Otherworldly: Models with this special rule have Magical Attacks, are Immune to Psychology and have a Ward Save (5+). Units with the Otherworldly special rule can only be joined by Otherworldly Characters. Similarly, Otherworldly Characters can only join Otherworldly units.

Relentless: Infantry units entirely composed of models with this special rule may triple their Movement when marching instead of doubling it. This is extended to other situations where a move is limited by twice the Movement value of the model, such as Wheeling, Reforming, Moving Characters within a unit and so on. In those cases, use triple the movement value instead.

Scoring: Units with at least one model with the Scoring special rule are considered Scoring Units and are used for capturing Secondary Objectives. Every army needs a few Scoring units to be able to complete Secondary Objectives, which is why units with the Scoring special rule are marked in the Armybooks with a special pennant icon:

The Scoring special rule can be lost during the game:
● One or more models in the unit are Light Troops.
● A unit that is Fleeing loses its Scoring special rule for as long as it if Fleeing.
● An Ambushing unit that entered the Battlefield on Game Turn 4 or later loses its Scoring Special rule.
● A unit that has performed a Post-Combat Reform loses its Scoring special rule until the end of the current
Player Turn.

Sturdy: A model with this rule has Thunderous Charge. Furthermore, it does not suffer to-hit modifiers from taking a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction.

Unbreakable: Units with this special rule are Immune to Psychology and automatically pass all Break Tests. Characters with the Unbreakable special rule can only join Unbreakable units. Unbreakable units can only be joined by Unbreakable

Unruly: Models with Unruly suffer -1 Leadership when rolling to restrain Pursuit moves and Frenzy Tests. In addition, when a unit in Horde formation with more than half of Unruly models takes a Panic Test, roll one additional D6 and remove the highest D6 rolled.

Volcanic Embrace: All attacks made by a model part with this special rule (even Special Attacks) gain Flaming Attacks. In addition, in each Round of Combat, all enemy models in base contact with one or more models with this rule suffer a Strength 4 hit with Flaming Attacks at Initiative 0 . This is a Special Close Combat Attack.

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